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Loupedeck+ - The Perfect Photo And Video Editing Interface For The Casual To Pro Level User

Are you looking for an easy to use control surface to refine your photo and video editing workflow? The Loupedeck+ is probably your best bet.
The magnificent Loupedeck+

The magnificent Loupedeck+

Photo and video editing can often be tedious tasks requiring small, incremental movements not easily achieved when using a mouse or a trackpad. Last summer, we got our hands on Loupedeck's flagship controller called the CT and loved it for its tiny footprint, haptic response, and quality of the build. Still, there was one obvious thing, this was a controller a very hardcore user or professional. Initially, we saw the Loupedeck+, more of a traditional keyboard in size and styling and with a much more user-friendly interface for beginner to intermediate editors.

We finally got our hands on one, and after a few hours of working with it in LRC (Lightroom Classic), we are in love, and we haven't even scratched the surface yet on workflow and customization.

Who is this for?

The great thing about the Loupedeck+ is that it is an interface that you can jump right into and start using pretty quickly, but it has enough power and customization to work for a pro user as well. If you are a photographer or videographer looking for a more hands-on workflow that gives you quick visual cues and tactile controls for more precision, this controller will do the trick. At roughly $260 US, it's a great price and built well enough for heavy use, so if you are serious about your pic/video editing, this is an excellent tool across the board.

If you are just a casual iPhone photographer or just like to mess around in LR (Lightroom) or other simple photo editing apps, this is not something you need.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 4.53.22 PM

Integrated Software Mapping

It works with your favorite software out of the box, so there is no need to get into the weeds when you first start using it, download the Loupedeck app, plug it in, and go to work - everything is intuitive. You can use the app to create a more customized work surface and take complete control of your workflow as you progress.

The new 5.0 app has a native mapping for various programs, from Adobe software to programs like Final Cut Pro. One thing to note, which is a huge bummer, is that the control will not work with the newer cloud-based version of Lightroom, just Lightroom Classic. Visit for more info.

Pro Tip: You can set up to 16 presets on the P1-P8 custom buttons to quickly cycle through your favorite LUTS.

There is nothing quite like a dial to dial things in!

There is nothing quite like a dial to dial things in!

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What's So Great About Tactile Controls?

If you are a seasoned editor, you already know the answer to this question, but this might not be so apparent for the newbies and the amateurs. When you work with a mouse or touchpad to edit photos or video, you will quickly learn that it's sometimes hard, if not impossible, to get those precision tweaks. The Loupedeck+ gives you the knobs, wheels, and dials to get those micro-adjustments just perfect. As you get better with the Loupedeck+ control surface and understand what everything does, you will not only improve your editing precision; you will spend less time doing it.

With a control surface like this, you can now quickly jump through menus, dial in your color grading, quickly rate photos, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 4.02.47 PM


If you are exploring the world of control surfaces for photo and video editing and just want something that will work right out of the box without too much fuss, the Loupedeck+ is for you. The learning curve for this device is relatively short, the price is right, and it will grow with you as you get more skilled as an editor. If you are a more seasoned editor or looking for a more comprehensive controller, you might check out the Loupedeck CT or Loupedeck Live.


Great Price Point

Easy to learn out of the box with popular app native mapping

Excellent build quality + superb carrying case option


It doesn't work with LC in the cloud; only LRC

Some editors might find it too large of a footprint

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