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Mevo Start - The Ultimate Live Streaming Camera System

Control multiple cameras with one app and stream directly to your favorite platforms with ease.

If you have just started streaming or have been thinking about getting into it, there are always looming questions.

How am I going to do this by myself? What gear should I get? How can I make this look good? How can I make this sound good? What platforms should I use?

The pandemic forced creators to think of alternatives to get their live content out into the world, and the constant challenge of producing a quality stream was always an issue. The original Mevo camera launched roughly five years ago, and it was revolutionary for content creators that wanted to up the production value of their streams.

You could cut to different scenes with one camera, pan the camera with your finger, and even follow the subject. We loved it, but the original edition had connection issues, constant updates and wasn't always the smoothest process - but we still loved it and used it in the majority of our live streams.

The good news for you newbies - things just got a whole lot easier and better.

We have the latest edition called the Mevo Start, which brings a considerable step up in functionality, stability, sound, and image clarity. You will also notice that the Mevo is now a part of the Logitech For Creators group, so we anticipate big things down the line.


For starters, the new Mevo Start can work with up to three cameras at a time via their Multi Cam App, which will also work with the 2nd Generation Mevo Plus. This new functionality allows creators to set up three different cameras and quickly jump from three other points of view. Now, even if you are solo, you can make your stream feel significantly more professional and engaging. The Mevo Start can also work with the standard single Mevo Camera app and Webcam app. 

The Multi Cam and Camera app have also greatly improved connectivity and stability, making connecting and even updating your camera software a total breeze. The app's user interface is intuitive, and the learning curve is relatively short, even if you don't have a lot of experience.

The cameras themselves feature an onboard battery that lasts up to six hours, as well as a USB-C slot allowing you to power them via an outlet for longer recording sessions. The battery power will enable you to take these cameras to places that you would have never considered with a powered setup; you just need to have a decent internet connection if you do a live stream.

The Mevo Start can be used to record offline via a micro USB card slot so you can bring them into any editing program later to create a multi-camera cut of your content. Or, if you are doing your stream live, you can record it to your phone directly and export it to your editing program for any touch-ups or added graphics later.

The Multi-Cam app lets you add graphics, titles, and lower thirds into your live stream on the fly to give it a more polished look and help identify your subjects. The app takes a little bit of practice to become smooth, especially if you add titles/graphics and multiple camera views. We would recommend doing several practice runs before going live; this will make you more confident on the gear and allow you to focus on production details and the content you are creating.

As any live streamer/content creator knows, the sound quality makes a huge difference in your productions, and if it's terrible, you will lose people fast. The Mevo Start has made some giant leaps in its onboard mic system, so if you are in a quiet room and close to the camera, you might not even need to bring in an external mic. However, it might not be good enough for more professional (or particular) streamers, so they have provided a 3.5MM TRS input that can be used with LAV mics or even wireless systems like the RODE Wireless Go System.

Mevo Start_Lens Closeup

Last but not least, you have an improved lens and camera system which allows you manual controls and features a state-of-the-art sensor for super crisp.

Now that you have the general overview, let's take a deeper dive into the build, the functionality, and the overall capabilities of this stellar new camera system.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 4.37.09 PM

Mevo Start - Optics / Processor / Controls / Power

Low distortion lens - this is super important and an excellent step up from the previous editions of their cameras. This lens features a low light aperture of f2.8, which will do the trick in lower light situations and ensure you get a nice clear picture when you are streaming.

Specs -

f2.8, 3.6mm EFL

76-degree horizontal field of view

Sony® 1080p sensor (IMX307) - You might be asking why not 4K? This Sony HD sensor is all you need to make a crisp and clear stream, even in lower light conditions. Remember, if you are streaming live, you are limited to your bandwidth, and the more information you are pushing through, the higher the chance of glitching. FB will only let you stream at 720p max anyway, so this is usually good enough for most streams and will keep your broadcast running smoothly. You do have the option to record directly to a microSD card in the camera, so if you are not doing it live, you might want to pop it up to 1080p, remember you can always go down in rez, but you can't go up once it's shot.

Specs -

2.07 Megapixel

Great low-light sensitivity

Ambarella H22 processor and encoder - Faster is better. This processor will encode your video to the top compression standard right now, allowing you to push high-quality compressed video faster. HEVC is where it's at and 30fps or frames per second is the standard that you see in broadcasting for the most part.

Here is an excellent article on HEVC to give you some more perspective for those interested.

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1080p encoding in HEVC or H.264

Frame rate: 30fps

Manual Controls - You can now use manual settings in the app, including white balance, exposure, and auto exposure. This functionality gives you a lot of control when trying to dial in a shot. It can prevent annoying mishaps that are often caused by auto settings and changing conditions, primarily in lighting.

The camera also features HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range, which is also featured on newer iPhones and android cameras and can dramatically improve image quality. What happens with HDR is that the camera is capturing multiple images/videos at different exposures and then stitching them together to give you a much more dynamic image/video.

Battery and Power: Most streamers will not go for six hours straight, but it's nice to know you can. The onboard battery will go for roughly six hours before needing a charge or to be plugged in. Suppose you don't want to mess with charging the battery and have more of a permanent setup. In that case, you can just use the USB-C power cable to keep it plugged in or the optional Ethernet power adapter that will power your camera and connect to the internet.

Ethernet power adapter - Get it Here MSRP $149

Mevo features 3.5mm jack for mics, USB C for power and charging, and a Micro USB card to record directly to the camera.

Mevo features 3.5mm jack for mics, USB C for power and charging, and a Micro USB card to record directly to the camera.

Get that sound right - Mevo Start has plenty of options.

Internal Mic - the Start has a 3 MEMS mic with spatial processing, which is solid for an on-camera mic and will work decently in quiet places where you are not dealing with background noise. There is a good demo on the Mevo site to understand how the mic sounds at different distances. For us, we are still big believers in using external mics for the best sound, but if you are just doing something that involves you or your subject talking to a camera at close range in a quiet room, you probably will be okay with it.

External Inputs: The 3.5MM TRS input is a fantastic option for attaching an external mic or running a line in from a mixer, instrument, DJ set up, etc. We are big fans of the RODE Wireless Go 2 system, which allows you to go wireless with two mics, which is excellent for interview situations when you have a host on camera. You can also go wired if you have a lav mic or handheld with a longer cord, but we would avoid this if possible and go wireless if you have the budget for a wireless mic system.

USB-C Audio Input: You can plug in external audio sources via your USB-C port; your device can be plugged in directly or via various USB-C adapters. If your USB device is not self-powered, you need to turn on power external devices. Your USB device will also need to be driverless for the camera to recognize it. If it requires you to download special software or drivers, it is not compatible with the camera.

Mevo Mic AppVia the Mevo Mic App


Wired / Wireless Connectivity

A stable connection is essential for a live streamer, and the Mevo Start has you covered with built-in 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi + dual antennas with a high-end Wi-Fi chip.


  • You can connect Mevo Start to a Wi-Fi network up to 100ft away, using Wi-Fi internet to stream.
  • If you are away from a network and have a strong signal on your phone, you can use Mevo as a Wi-Fi hotspot using phone data to stream *


*Available for single-camera live streaming with the Mevo Camera App.

Size and Mounting

The Mevo Start is roughly the size of a deck of cards, so it's easy to pack and set up discreetly. The camera itself is easily mounted on a standard tripod via a built-in thread. You can also purchase proprietary stands and mounts from Mevo directly, which are made for various situations.

Streaming To Your Favorite Platform + Apps

Here is where things get super convenient. The Multi Cam app allows you to stream directly from the app to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter, Linkedin, and other platforms like Mixcloud using RTMP key. Just sign in, line up your shots, and hit play.

The Mevo Start can also be used with the Mevo Camera App (for single cameras) and the Mevo Webcam App for when you want to use it on Zoom calls and other services like Google chat, ecamm, and more.

Summary: If you want to start live streaming or refine your workflow to a more manageable setup, the Mevo Start Camera System is an absolute must. Whether you are using it as a single camera or utilizing all three, you won't find a better camera/app combo out there that is easy to use and renders such high-quality images and sound. This system is beneficial for creators managing their stream solo, allowing them to create a stream that features continual cuts, auto-tracking, and a variety of angles. Finally, it gives more novice creators solid sound out of the box from the camera, so you can get started right away and slowly bring in mics and other accessories as your skills progress. In short, this is a system that can grow with you and will allow you to achieve incredible results as you master it.

The best deal is currently the three pack which sells for $999, which saves you roughly $200 and gives you all the options.

Get it HERE

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