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Photo Diary: Pan-Pot at Time Warp New York 2021

The German duo take us on a behind the scenes journey of their New York adventure.
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Time Warp has long stood as one of the top events in Techno music, boasting lineups of the genre's top talent, with locations all across the world. Recently, the event touched down in New York for their 2021 edition, and, per usual, their roster was nothing short of excellent. On the lineup was German duo Pan-Pot, who recently played a 5-hour set at a warehouse here in LA. It's one thing to attend an event like Time Warp, but it's another to see it from the artist's perspective, and as such, Pan-Pot has done an exclusive photo diary of their experience. 

Words by Pan-Pot.

1. Arrival - We are so excited and happy to be back in NYC for such a show as Time Warp.

Pan-Pot New York

Pan-Pot Outside of Penn Station

2. A little warm-up for tonight's show with a slightly different view than in the gym at home.

Pan-Pot in New York gym

Pan-Pot at the gym

3. After a little nap and dinner we arrived at the venue and met some friends backstage for a different kind of warm-up. Cheers!

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot Jamie Jones

Pan-Pot & friends

4. Happy and ready for our set!

Pan-Pot Time Warp New York


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5. Amazing venue, a lovely crowd, and good lights. Perfect conditions for a good show.

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot

6. Doesn’t need too many words to describe that photo, right?


cc Pan-Pot

7. We have been missing these moments for quite a while now and we are enjoying every minute of vibing with the people who come to our shows.

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot

Time Warp with Pan-Pot

8. Perfect closing show for our US Tour and we really hope to be back soon.

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot

Pan-Pot at Time Warp

9. We will leave you with a final impression of this lovely day and say Thank you for joining us for our day in NYC

Time Warp Festival New York Pan-Pot 2021

Time Warp Festival New York Crowd

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