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Photo Gallery: CHVRCHES @ Boulder Theater 12/9/21

CHVRCHES brought their 'Screen Violence' tour to Boulder on Friday, December 9.
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CHVRCHES Boulder Theater 12/9/21 Concert

CHVRCHES Boulder Theater 12/9/21

As the holiday season and cold weather started to sweep into Boulder on an early December night, CHVRCHES took the stage to a sold out crowd at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. CHVRCHES – made up of guitarist Martin Doherty, keyboard player Iain Cook, touring drummer Jonny Scott and lead singer Lauren Mayberry – are currently on an extended US fall and winter tour in support of their new album, Screen Violence.

After an energetic performance from opener Donna Missal, CHVRCHES took the stage by storm with lead single "He Said She Said" off their new album. The crowd was singing the chorus lyrics of “I feel like I’m losing my mind” at a deafening roar, chanting in unison with Lauren as she danced and twirled her way across stage. The band then followed up with well-known hits "Forever" and "Leave a Trace" off their earlier albums.

CHVRCHES brought out a full set of new visuals for this tour complete with intersecting lights, fog machines, and multiple dancing band members.

As the lights dimmed on the night and CHVRCHES had seemingly played their final song "Never Say Die," the crowd erupted into chants of "one more song." Everyone knew the show wasn't over as they had yet to play their biggest hits, and when CHVRCHES took the stage again, Lauren was covered in blood makeup across her face and arms - an image that defined this tour.

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CHVRCHES Boulder Theater 12/9/21

CHVRCHES Boulder Theater 12/9/21

As CHVRCHES began playing their final songs, “Mother We Share” and "Clearest Blue," the crowd danced, jumped, and cheered all together in a night of celebration.

More shots from CHVRCHES' performance at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO on 12/9/21 can be found below. All images copyright and courtesy of Ardin Lo/Magnetic Magazine.

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