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Review: CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot

The Panto is made from upcycled 15 cups of recycled coffee grounds.
CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot

CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot

It is that time of the year. The weather has chilled considerably, the ground is wetter and snow is starting to fall. That means your low-top white sneakers and sandals go back in the closet for the season and it is time for those boots to shine. 

Shoes across the spectrum are undergoing a radical shift in the materials used to make them. Companies realize they need to be more sustainable and this has led to hundreds of brands that focus on that market. We have reviewed dozens of shoes from companies like that over the years and today I have a boot from CCilu, the XpreSole Panto.

What Is It?

Ccilu is a Japanese footwear brand that makes shoes, boots and socks. They focus on sustainable products and are now sold in over 60 countries since it was launched in 2011. Ccilu (CHEE-loo) means "liberate" in Japanese, something they want their buyers to feel with the shoes. The XpreSole Panto is a line of boots that are primarily made of coffee grounds. The Panto are rainboots, which were initially only available on Kickstarter, but now can be found on the website. They come in both low and high tops in a variety of colors like brown, blue, red, grey and white. You can find the right boot to match your fit.

CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot

CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot In Brown

What Are They Made Of?

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The Panto is made from upcycled 15 cups of recycled coffee grounds. The outer components are 100% water and dirt proof and the liner is moisture-wicking, fast-drying and odor-resistant. The boot is machine washable, able to sustain an excess of 100 wash cycles. It is certified vegan. It is also made of “eco friendly” EVA.

Are They Comfortable?

The boots are remarkably light at just 230 grams, or a little under half a pound. Compared to my Timberland boots, these are featherweight. The boots claim to be quite comfortable and they live up to that. For those who are used to big, heavy boots, these are an adjustment, but the Pantos are very easy to walk in.

How Do They Look?

I got the brown pair, which were a little lighter in color than anticipated. They are round at the end, so these aren’t your pointy brunch boot. They are designed for comfort, sustainability and to be in all weather. They may not be most fashionable on first glance, but they don’t look bad on your feet. Just understand their purpose in your wardrobe.

CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot

CCilu XpreSole Panto Boot In Black


The XpreSole Panto boots are comfortable, light and eco-friendly footwear that may just surprise you. They run from $79 to $109 on the company website. They handle the weather and feel good on your feet. If it is something you would wear, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the purchase.

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