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COUCOU CHLOE Mixes Hyperpop & Dark Techno On New EP ‘ONE’

COUCOU CHLOE delivers an emphatic mix of hyperpop and alternative sounds creating something unique.


French producer, artist, model and total creative COUCOU CHLOE releases her latest EP ONE. As a founding member of NUXXE collective alongside Sega Bodega and Shygirl, COUCOU CHLOE's work goes beyond music, collaborating with design houses like Prada and designer Alan Crocetti.

CHLOE blends elements of hyperpop, techno and alternative to create a unique and often erratic production with underlying dark textures and soundscapes. The ONE EP sees CHLOE in full force pushing boundaries with her sound and production while hand-picking and merging certain styles. While the EP starts off with the up-tempo, techno-inspired single "Wizz," Chloe slows down in tempo but turns up in distortion and grit. "FREEZE" and "ZERO FIVE STARS" is CHLOE producing a dark hyper-pop, trap-inspired production driven by thumping drum grooves, rumbling basslines and CHLOE's distorted vocal tone. CHLOE concludes the EP with an eerie down-tempo lullaby carried by spacey delicate keys and Chloe’s processed vocals.

Listen to ONE below and get your copy here.

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