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Cause Of Death For 10 Dead At Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival Revealed

The Harris County Medical Examiner revealed the cause of death today.
Travis Scott Governors Ball 2018

Travis Scott at Governors Ball 2018

The ten people who died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival all died of the same reason, the Harris County Medical Examiner announced in a report released on Thursday. All of them died as a result of “compression asphyxia,” which occurs when respiration is prevented by external pressure on the body, like being crushed in a crowd, limiting oxygen supply to the lungs, according to News 4 San Antonio.


This occurred when the crowd rushed the stage during Scott’s performance, which caused numerous victims to be trampled and crushed. Only one of the victims had drugs in their system at the time of death, which the medical examiner listed as a “contributing factor.”

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The ages of nine of the victims varied from 14 to 27, while the tenth was nine. 300 people were treated at the festival for injuries and another 25 had to be transported to the hospital.

There are currently dozens of lawsuits stemming from the festival and a criminal investigation underway by the Houston Police. Nobody has been charged yet. An investigation is underway into security, fire and other safety plans at the county-owned NRG Park, where the festival happened.

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