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Weedsday Playlist: Trip On This Podcast's Kat Walsh Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Psychedelic Trip

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey with this playlist.
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Kat Walsh

Kay Walsh

Trip On This, Kat Walsh’s popular podcast focused on the psychedelics space, is an invitation in radical trust and radical faith when pursuing a soul calling. Throughout podcast episodes, Kat narrates her own journey of creation and all the joys and fears that emerge from that space. Past guests have included Shelby Hartman, Sum Patten, Andrew DeAngelo and Mary Jane Gibson. Her deep hope with this podcast and by sharing her story is that others find the spark within themselves to know that anything is possible.

Kat remarked about what inspired her Weedsday playlist, “The beauty of a psychedelic trip is the ability to experience yourself in a limitless way. Whether you're going into a journey for deep self-inquiry, something vibey to get you in touch with your artistic flow, or just want some straight up fun, music truly sets the tone for any journey.”

“I've had psychedelic trips at festivals, outdoor adventures, solo trips and everything in between. Some were healing journeys, some were bonding journeys, and some were ridiculously fun journeys. Music was at the center of all of them. But after being cooped up for over a year, it's time for us to have some fun! And to me, there is nothing more fun than shaking my booty on the dance floor or vibing by the pool after snacking on some delicious magical treats. Though this may not be the traditional 'spiritual journey,' it can be. Who said spirituality needed to be difficult? Setting a container for yourself to feel joy, to bond with friends and open your heart to community is at the heart of true healing. So let the healing fun begin!“

With songs by Purple Disco Machine, Flight Facilities, Stardust and more, enjoy this week’s Weedsday.

1. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

This is a CLASSIC house music track from 1998. There is only one way I would describe this song -- extreme joy. I literally want this song at any pool party, any club, my wedding, my drive, my solo dance party at home -- you get the picture. It’s one of the songs that just feels good and when you’re on a psychedelic feeling yourself and those groovy vibes, it’s one of those moments you think to yourself -- “man, life is good.” 

2. Purple Disco Machine - In My Arms

A much newer song though thanks to Purple Disco Machine always throwing us back in his groovy time machine, this nu-disco song just HITS. I saw Purple Disco Machine at CRSSD on March 8, 2020 for my birthday (yes one of the last festivals before the shut down!), hippie flipping my little heart away, and I remember hearing this song and thinking, “I’m not sure I could feel any more joy than I’m feeling now. My joy meter is just maxed out in pure bliss.” When everything had fully shut down, I would dance on my rooftop, close my eyes, and sing, “I can’t wait til you’re in my arms again!” We finally got there. 

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3. Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune (Motez Remix)

I mean -- just meeeoooowww with this song. I have been listening to this sexy, deep house remix since it came out in 2013. This song is a vibe. It’s sexy, it’s groovy, and it’s for those times when you’re really feeling yourself. I also have this song on my “Groove” playlist if you know what I mean. 

4. Magnum Force - Cool Out (Dr Packer Mix)

The beauty of this song is the amount of people that actually know this song is probably slim to none and that means BOOM -- discovery for all involved. I discovered this funky, groovy house remix on a SoundCloud set from Gorgon City & Duke Dumont. I mean if those two got together and opened their set with this track, you just know it’s a banger. I was at a Bachelorette party in Vegas in September 2019. We spent the entire time tripping on mushrooms, floating around Vegas, and every single place we went started with this track. What can I say, we had to set the tone for whatever adventure was next! 

5. Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt - Tondo

To finish off our vibey playlist, Disclosure teamed up with Cameroonian artist, Eko Roosevelt to create this electro pop / African fusion dance track that is the vibe needed to celebrate life, feel your heart, and sink into the gratitude of life on a psychedelic journey. According to Dutch Radio Station 3FM, the lyrics "Tondoho mba, tondoho mba, mbwiya ami a léma o" mean: "Love me, love me, friend of my heart.” Psychedelics open our hearts. They allow us to play and sink back into our childlike wonder -- to feel freedom and liberation within. They allow us to take in so much love and joy and celebration. For me, to express joy and love is the meaning of life. And through conscious fun, that expansion knows no limits.

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