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Album Review: Che Noir - Food For Thought

Buffalo rapper Che Noir does not hold back on her success and the trauma she has faced in life.
Che Noir - Food For Thought Album Cover

Che Noir - Food For Thought album cover

Buffalo (rough one last night), rapper and producer Che Noir has released her sophomore album. Since her debut mixtape in 2016, Poetic Thoughts, she has been quite busy releasing multiple projects per year. On Friday, she released her new album Food For Thought that is the most complete project from her yet. In the past, rappers like Black Thought and Benny The Butcher have appeared on projects, but this time it is about her and her life.

Food For Thought examines others and herself mentally and spirituality. It is about her connection with others on those grounds because she is drawn to the things you can’t see in people. Food For Thought branches out from there as she raps about her own success, faith and abuse. There are plenty of lines about her stacks of cash, earning big money from features and the need to be in your top five lists.

Che Noir lists out her keys to success on the opening for “Bless The Food” -- prayer, god, hard work and perseverance. That hard work and perseverance is chronicled through the many jobs she had, got fired from or quit, which led her to the rap game. Now she is doing rather well, but has some advice for those attempting to navigate the liars and thieves that dominate the music business, ”never trust a team member who always agree with you or a grown as woman who want to beef with you.”

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“Ladies Brunch” is a rapping clinic alongside 7xvethegenius and Armani Ceasar, while 38 Spesh and Ransom bring the heat on “Table For 3.” The final song, “Communion” is the real gut punch. She situates it in a church where one can open up to others. Here she talks about the trauma of losing her brother and friends, the sexual abuse she took as a kid and her battle with alcohol abuse. The words flow without end, hitting you one after the other.

“I wrote and recorded Food for Thought during one of the darkest and most trying times of my life” Che Noir commented. “I turned my thoughts to a full meal.”

Che Noir doesn’t hold back on Food For Thought. She big ups herself and her bank account, but also is very real about the world around her and her own struggles. The features add a little something extra to Food For Thought, but she is the one that provides the meat on the album. Get your copy of the album here (yes the Spotify link is wrong, but just go and find her).

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