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Magnetic Mix 175: BOYOCA

Birmingham based production duo BOYOCA mix some big, peak time records for their new Magnetic Mix.


Birmingham based production duo BOYOCA is next up in Magnetic Mix series. Tim Boyce and Lewis Carr, who make up BOYOCA, are still relative newcomers, but have put out music on labels like EMK and Kitsuné, while remixing others such as Morcheeba. They combine breaks with house and a dose of fun, most notably on their EP He's A Fool, released last year and gave us the most complete picture of what their music can be.

They channeled that into a new Magnetic Mix that has some big, peak time records by the likes of Gerd Janson, Shadow Child, Bicep, Mall Grab, TSHA and of course, themselves.

"For the Magnetic mix we wanted to show the late night side of our sound. There’s always an element of organic in our choice of music, which takes on a darker hue when thinking about a dancefloor at 3am,” explain BOYOCA to Magnetic. 

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“We maintain our ‘Green House’ sound with cuts that feature real instruments and analog synths, but still have the weightiness that people need to hear when they’re deep into the evening. We’ve included plenty of BOYOCA tracks which will demonstrate the color palette that we operate from amongst tracks of other artists that laid the foundational inspiration to the BOYOCA sound."

Listen to the mix and follow along with the tracklist.


1. BOYOCA - He’s A Fool (Joe Turner Remix)
2. SL2 - DJs Take Control (Shadow Child Remix)
3. Dark Sky, Afriquoi - Cold Harbour
4. DrumTalk - Red Haze
5. Deetron - Photon (Gerd Janson 808 Mix)
6. OTHERLiiNE, George FitzGerald, Lil Silva - Chimes
7. Bicep - Celeste
8. Ame - Nia
9. Ambassadeurs - Nocturnes
10. Will Easton - 023
11. Fouk - Mating Call
12. BOYOCA - In The District
13. Brame & Hamo - Limewire
14. KUU, Alex Metric, Riton, Shungudzo - We’ll Always Have This Dance (TSHA Remix)
15. Mall Grab - Pool Party Music
16. Denis Sulta - LA Ruffgarden Terrace Mix
17. BOYOCA - Elasticity

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