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Max Cooper Channels Inner Mental State On New Album 'Unspoken Words'

The first single "Everything" is out now with a music video.
Max Cooper

Max Cooper

Max Cooper has announced a new album Unspoken Words that will be released in March on Mesh. The first single from it, “Everything” is out today with a music video.

The video for "Everything" is the first of 13 different videos (there are 13 songs on the album) that will be released as a film on Blu-ray with the LP release. The 13 films were created with a range of visual artists commissioned and directed by Max Cooper, mixed in Dolby Atmos surround sound. Cooper developed the visual story for “Everything” with long-term collaborator Nick Cobby and photographer Andrey Prokhorov.

Unspoken Words explores Cooper’s ability or inability to communicate, using music as a means of expression.

“I’ve always struggled with words. Trying to communicate anything meaningful about my internal state, in any way which seems to do it justice, has always been beyond me,” explains Max Cooper. “But music bypasses language. It is my means of expression, which is why I make a lot of it - I’m compelled to create.”

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“I find existing inside my mind to be a sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense, sometimes abrasive, messy, baffling, relentless experience, and I’ve tried to put as much of that feeling and form as I could into the album,” says the producer in a statement.

An augmented reality exhibit will also accompany the album, but more details are scarce.

Max Cooper released a collaborative album with Bruce Brubaker titled Glassforms back in June of 2020, which looked to reimagine compositions by Philip Glass in new and exciting ways. His previous solo album Yearning For The Infinite came in November 2019.

Unspoken Words will be released on March 25. Pre-order the album here. He will be bringing his A/V tour to the UK and Europe in the spring. See the dates on his website.


01. Unspoken Words
02. Inanimate to Animate feat. Kotomi
03. A Model Of Reality feat. Kotomi
04. Ascent
05. Spectrum
06. Pulse At The Centre Of Being
07. Symphony In Acid
08. Exotic Contents
09. Broken Machines Broken Dreams
10. Solace In Structure
11. Small Window On The Cosmos
12. Everything
13. Stream Of Thought

Max Cooper Unspoken Words Cover Art

Max Cooper Unspoken Words Cover Art

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