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Nocs True Wireless NS1100 AIR - Review

Swedish brand Nocs delivers a truly stunning set of true wireless headphones for a price that is hard to believe.
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We have been fans of the Swedish brand Nocs since we first reviewed their NS 900 DJ headphones in 2015. Fast forward to 2022, and we are diving into their latest offering in the true wireless category, the NS1110 AIR.


Styling / Build / Fit

At first glance, the NS1100 looks very similar to many other models offered up by brands like Bose, Sennheiser, and other big brands. They are built solid, come with an excellent self-charging carrying case, and for the price point of $150, these guys are punching above their weight.

The buds feature 9.2mm graphene drivers, BlueTooth 5.0, hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, and app functionality that lets you customize your sound with Audiodo technology. There are also four built-in mics to increase call and ANC quality.

Aside from being packed with features, they got something else absolutely right, and that's fit. The number one problem with true wireless buds for most people is fit; they tend to lose their seal, fall out or never quite feel secure in your ears. Nocs gives you six sets of tips to dial in the fit, and the buds themselves nest securely in your ear.

We took these buds on walks, runs, jogs, and even an entire yoga class and they stayed snug and always felt secure.


Sound Personalization / ANC / Battery

One of the most incredible features about the NS1100 is its partnership with Audiodo technology that allows you to use an app to dial in your sound precisely for the best possible experience. Simply find a quiet room, connect your buds to the app and follow the instructions. A set of frequencies will play in each ear; you acknowledge which ones you hear and how well, then the buds are calibrated to your ears/brain. This process takes about five minutes or so and is something we would highly recommend doing to get the best possible experience.

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 11.10.43 AM

You can easily toggle the personalization on and off in the app to hear the difference; we always choose the personalization to be on.

Next up is the Active Noise Canceling, which tends to be the same for most buds in the lower to mid-tier price range. The NS1100 does a good job of muting out crowded offices, noisy train rumbles, and, more significant, background noise. There are better ANC buds out there, but what matters most is the sound, not the quiet for most people. If you are looking for buds with the absolute best in ANC, these are not for you but be prepared to spend twice as much money or more.

The battery life for the case is about 30 hours or roughly 3x charges before you need to plug the case back in for more juice. The buds on their own go for about 8-9 hours, depending on whether you are using ANC. Overall, the battery life is impressive and great for travelers making long flights or regular commutes.



The sound quality is where the NS1100 gets some impressive marks, especially considering they are almost half the price of buds that sound this good. The sizeable drivers and graphene material deliver punchy bass and a nice balanced sound signature. Nice clear highs and smooth mids along with deep bass deliver an excellent listening experience. We tested with Jazz, Acoustic Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, and Ambient genres, and the NS1100s worked well with everything we threw at them. They sound great when they are not personalized and even better when you take the time to use the app to dial in your personal sound signature.


If you are looking for a pair of great fitting and sounding buds, the Nocs NS1100 Air is an excellent choice. You get plenty of battery power, deep bass for you electronic/hip hop junkies, and decent ANC with a transparency mode when you need sound to get in for safety while running, etc. We've never tested anything better at this price!

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Nocs Signature Sound

The NS1100 AIR custom made

9.2 mm Graphene drivers are state-of-the-art – a true leap forward in sound technology – providing an optimal sound experience for the most discerning ears.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Hybrid ANC can suppress noise at a broad range of frequencies, adapt to and correct errors at speed. Surrounding noise is analyzed and anti-noise is created to eliminate the buzz around you.


Airoha (Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode) provides seamless role switch performance which results in superior audio performance and noise-free, crystal clear voice. Experience 24-bit 192KHz HD Audio and Hi-resolution codec support (AAC).

Personal Sound By Audiodo

Audiodo Personal Sound, the epitome of sound personalization. Audio is optimized to suit each users individual hearing perception through the hearing calibration on the Nocs Design App.

Transparency Mode

Tap the earbud or use the Nocs Design App to activate transparency mode when you want to let the world in for a moment. Tap it again to return to your music.

Longer Battery Life

Up to 9 hours of non-stop listening. Up to 30 hours of battery life when buds and case are at 100% power, charging multiple times from case.

Download Nocs Design App

Use the app to control all features on iOS and Android devices.


Bluetooth 5.0

Sound Codecs: SBC, AAC codec

Driver Type: Electrodynamic, 9.2 mm diameter

Driver Sensitivity: 102 ±3dB

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Frequency Range. 20 – 20,000 Hz

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