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Octave One Revive Downtempo Alias Never On Sunday With Upcoming EP 'Contemplate'

The new EP from Never On Sunday will be released later this week and will be their first in 30 years.
Octave One

Octave One aka Never On Sunday

Octave One are reviving their alias Never On Sunday for a new EP Contemplate. Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden released their last project as Never On Sunday in 1992 titled Day By Day. Now the downtempo alias will return 30 years later with a six track EP.

They first released something from the EP last year with the single “The Bearer” featuring remixes from Skream, P41 and Octave One themselves.

The alias was first inaugurated in 1991 with a split EP alongside fellow Detroit musician MK. They shelved the project for decades to focus on Octave One shortly thereafter, but it appears as though now was the right time to bring back Never On Sunday.

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Contemplate will be released this Friday, January 28 via Octave One’s 430 West label. Preview for each of the song are available on Phonica.


01. The Bearer
02. Contemplate
03. Enterstella
04. Price We Pay
05. Moment Of Truth
06. Metal Forest

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