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Pioneer DJ Teases New Hardware In Short Teaser

The company says to get "ready for the REVolution,” though further details are sparse.
Pioneer DJ Logo

Pioneer DJ Logo

Pioneer DJ has released a very short teaser, so short some are rather upset, that appears to tease some new hardware. A press release has absolutely no more information, just saying to “get ready for the REVolution.”

The video appears to tease a new controller with performance pads, knobs, faders, jog wheel and possibly a full-color screen. With DJing somewhat back, it could be useful to see what Pioneer has in store for 2022 and if this will put them ahead of the pack. During the pandemic, they released a new flagship controller, the CDJ-3000, in addition to other hardware like the XDJ-RX3 and the DDJ-FLX6 Controller.

Clubs being closed or in dire financial straits probably hasn’t helped sales, but we will see what this new piece of hardware is and how it fits into the market.

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