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EP Review: LUXE - Belonging [Radical New Theory]

UK-based producer LUXE releases her genre-bending EP via HAAi’s Radical New Theory Imprint.

Classically trained musician turned DJ and producer, LUXE, is kicking off 2022 with her new EP Belonging. This project showcases LUXE’s promising future in the electronic music world. With only two previous releases under her belt, she has already garnered the attention of BBC Radio 1 Dance and recently found herself on the line-up for this year's Waterworks Festival.

The opening track, "May I Help You?" is introduced by break-beat grooves and psychedelic soundscapes. The track soon finds itself transformed into a four-the-floor drum-pattern, tinged with light acid synths and rumbling, sparse basslines. The last track of the EP, "Belonging" is a gorgeous blend of breakbeat, trance and acid-house, taken to another level with the addition of the soulful and spacey female vocals.

In between those two tracks finds standout single "A83." Inspired by the northern dance hub of Manchester, "A83" sees LUXE craft a club-ready banger, led by a heavy rolling bassline and uplifting 90s-inspired trance synth chords. LUXE certainly produces an eclectic body of work on this project. "Everything Must Fade" is an experimental trance track that takes listeners on a sonic journey with ever-changing arpeggiated synths while being driven by thumping drum grooves. 

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Listen to the full project, released via HAAI's label Radical New Theory below.

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