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Moog Launches GIANTS Documentary Film Series Starting With Moog Synthesizer Co-Inventor Herb Deutsch

The next batch of people featured in GIANTS will be Bernie Krause, Suzanne Ciani and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller.
Herb Deutsch

Herb Deutsch

Moog Music has launched a new video documentary & interview series called GIANTS that looks at the impact of trailblazing artists and industry figures. The first, which is out today, is with Herb Deutsch, the co-inventor of the Moog synthesizer, which makes sense for Moog to do something on him.

The other people who are a part of the series are early modular synthesizer adopter Bernie Krause, modular synthesis legend Suzanne Ciani and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller. The series will explore each person’s origins, inspirations and untold stories, especially when it comes to synthesizers. There will be an interview portion, but also other parts that provide context into their careers and the things they helped make.

The subsequent docs will be released every four to six weeks.

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