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Nick Warren Auctioning Extensive Vinyl Collection Filled With Rarities

The auction will kick off next month with rare vinyls, test pressings, white label vinyls and more.
Nick Warren

Nick Warren

Some rare and old vinyl records could be yours. Half of Way Out West, head of label and events company The Soundgarden and former Massive Attack's tour DJ, Nick Warren is auctioning his extensive record collection.

“From my days of being Massive Attack's tour DJ to my time at Cream, Twilo and pretty much every major club in the world, the collection holds not just my dancefloor records but the extensive collection of Avant Garde electronica I have collected over the years,” says Warren.

“One-off test pressings, white labels, the Global Underground classics, they are all here and loads more will be sold by the wonderful folks at Omega Auctions.”

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There are a bunch of old and rare records, some promo and test pressings. You can check out the auction website and see that some records are split up into different batches that range from techno to Krautrock to ambient and so much more.

Warren doesn’t list why he is auctioning this all off, but it is a good way to buy some likely out of print classics and by keeping vinyl moving in the ecosystem, it is better for the environment. The auction begins next month on March 15. 

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