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10 Restaurants & Food Trucks in Austin You Need To Try During SXSW

Here are our favorite spot's in Austin to grab some grub during SXSW. You'll thank us later.
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Austin has some of the best food in the country in my opinion. You can easily put on some LB's when you are in Austin, but every pound is worth it. In the controlled chaos of SXSW it can be pretty hard to decide where to refuel as there are so many options it's hard to know what's good and what's "average." Here is a list of our favorite restaurants and food trucks within the city limits that you have to try! Your tummy will thank us later. 

1. TLC Austin (Seafood)

TLC is one of our favorite. They do their best to get you wild-caught, sustainable seafood, and local ingredients whenever possible. One of my favorites is the shrimp plate and the sauces are to DIE for! It's not too far from downtown, located at Lamar Union. 

You can view their full menu here. Check out their mouth water pics on Instagram.

2. Fresh Gyro Halal (Mediterranean)

Austin is big on Mediterranean food and this is one of our favorite food trucks on West 6th! You can get everything from a fresh gyro to a falafel plate! I recommend getting extra tzatziki and hot sauce! 

Here are their menu and options. 

3. Homeslice (Pizza) 

This has to be my favorite pizza spot in all of Austin, and is on South Congress! You can order by the slice or get a whole pie! They even offer full bottles of wine if you're feeling wild. 

You can view their menu here. Here is their Instagram.

4. Irene's (Souther Style Brunch and Comfort Food)

Irene's is located on West 6th and is a perfect spot for brunch if you can make it during the weekend, and if not... the food still smacks like lemonade on a hot summer day! They have burgers, tacos, and tons more! You can check out their menu here

Check out their Instagram for their photos.

5. Tommy Want Wingy (Wings)

If you love chicken wings, this is the spot for you! Located inside of Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street, these have to be the best chicken wings we've had in Austin.. and maybe ever. They are cut into the shapes of lollipops and they are not small either. You typically pay around $15 for 5, but they aren't lacking in terms of size. 

You can view their menu here and their pics here.

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6th Street during SXSW

6th Street during SXSW

6. Stubbs (BBQ)

Stubbs BBQ family recipe goes back close to 100 years and is a staple in Austin. Not only can you expect to get some of the best BBQ in Austin, but it is also a live music venue used year-round. Although small in size, Stubb’s Restaurant is always filled with great music and plenty of legendary Bar-B-Q.

Check out their amazing menu here and their Instagram for live music updates as well. 

7. Ramen Tatsu Ya (Ramen)

Voted #1 ramen restaurant in Austin by the Austin Chronicle, this is the best ramen spot in all of Austin. Their both will literally cure you, it's no joke. We recommend getting extra noodles and meat as well.

Here is their menu and Instagram 

8. Taquero Mucho (Mexican) 

Taquero Muchp not only has really good Mexican food, but it's all pink... even some of the drinks. If you are looking to grab an amazing taco and get some Instagram worthy content, this is gonna be your spot.   

Here is their menu and you must check out their Instagram

9. The Dogwood (Burgers, Sandwiches, ETC... )

Dogwood has some of the best bar food in Austin and is located in the heart of downtown. If you like mac n' cheese, you have to try the jalapeño mac n cheese. Their food isn't gonna break the bank either which is always a plus. We haven't had the brunch yet, but we have heard great things.

Here is their menu and more info on their Insta.

10. Barchi (Sushi)

If you are feeling some sushi, this is gonna be your spot. Their happy hour is the best too. The inside is such a vibe at night and a good spot to have a meeting or just relax and fill up. 

Check out their food options here and pics here

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and have a safe and fun time in Austin for SXSW. 

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