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Artists Asking Artists: Andres Campo & Eats Everything

The EI8HT co-founders pick each-others brains for a few laughs
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Recently, record label EI8HT announced its new sub-label, EI8HT +, a home for more experimental sounds you wouldn't normally associate with the main imprint. Co-founders Andres Campo and Eats Everything have built reputations for being the life of the party, bringing big smiles to everyone's faces anytime they enter the room. Fresh off the new label launch, it only felt fitting to have them interview each other for the latest installment of Artists Asking Artists. 

Dan to Andres

Adres Campo

Adres Campo

Would you consume a cactus?

Hahaha. Look, I am not Eats Everything, but yes, what doesn't kill you gets you high they say! Also, have you not had cooked cactus tacos?! They eat them in Mexico, they are amazing!

Would you prefer to have two MASSIVE hands or two TINY hands?

Umm, good question, tiny I guess as I then I can still DJ, but really it does also come down to the size of my XXXX! Haha

What is your favourite flavour of milkshake?

Vanilla, no question! And no, that doesn't mean I am boring.

Would you house a gibbon if it came knocking on your door, all alone, and it had nowhere to go? Explain you answer and your love of gibbons here please?

You know me too well. I love gibbons because we have so much in common and I feel lucky and proud of that. I housed you, so why not a gibbon? They are much less smelly and docile. I would open my heart to him.

Why did you want to do an ei8ht sub label?

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I was really drunk that day and you said ‘That's a brilliant idea’ (as always)’. Sorry! Haha but it's the truth. However, now looking back it is a good idea, and I am really excited to get some nice releases out there, which are different for the both of us.

Andres Asks Dan:

Eats Everything

Eats Everything

Weirdest object at your studio?

I would say the weirdest object in my studio is probably my balls. Balls are pretty weird, aren’t they? Mine are no different.

Sex with lights on or lights off? Explain your answer without drawings or pictures, please..

Lights off, referencing my previous answer about the weirdest thing in my studio as my explanation for this.

If you were reincarnated as an animal, why it would be a gibbon?

Because gibbons have everything you need to live a joyful and prosperous life. Great faces, spindly limbs that are perfect for not only climbing but for foraging for snacks. Not to forget that many gibbons I’ve met over time, ALL of them are great dancers.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

The ability to teleport so I wouldn’t have to spend any time in airports or planes to get to work. Also, I could teleport straight into a bank vault, get a fuck load of cash and then teleport to Mauritius, stay there and never work again.

If only you could go to one more party, just one, what style of music would you like to hear, and last track?

It’s a tough one but I think it would be to go back to the mid-’90s, house in one room, techno in the other and the track would be Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix).

Grab your copy of the new remix here

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