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BeDJ: DJ Mixing Masterclasses With Step-By-Step Instructions

BeDJ offers Masterclasses via "Homework" with sheet music showing step-by-step instructions for DJs to play strong pro-class mixes from famous DJs or create and sell your own homework lessons.
BeDJ Mixing Masterclass Lessons

BeDJ Mixing Masterclass Lessons

BeDJ is a new service which extremely helpful for everybody who wants to be a DJ, providing beginners and experienced DJs with an opportunity to play sets just like their favorite artists over a variety of genres. Each lesson shows mixer timestamped instructions of when to start/stop a track, when to bring the mixer fader up or down as well as EQ adjustments. In addition you get to see a video overhead view of the mixer as the original artist records their mix while showing each step along the way. Checkout the video below to see how it works. You can access the site here

It's represented by something inspired by those homework assignments we all used to do as kids and students: do the homework correctly - you get a cool DJ set and top marks as well. It includes the tracklist and information about timestamps, mixing actions, BPMs etc. Therefore, even beginners are able to follow step-by-step instructions on how to mix tracks like a pro and learn the art of DJing simultaneously. In addition most of the sets have a beatport chart link where you can purchase the music you will need for the mix.

BeDJ Mixing "Homework" Lessons

BeDJ Homework Lessons

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Users choose a particular Homework with a set well-matched to any place they’re playing their potential gigs: club, pool/beach parties, fashion events, chillout lounges etc. All Homeworks are published with a full audio preview so that users can listen to the reference mixes and buy their favorite Homework. Every HW is meticulously inspected before it gets published on the website, therefore it’s impossible to get an inappropriate mix. Homeworks are very affordably priced with most ranging from $2.99 - $4.99 USD in addition to several "Free Homeworks" where you can try out a lesson including soundcloud links to free downloads or streams of selected tracks.

BeDJ Homework

BeDJ Homework

Also, the BeDJ platform is a marketplace which gives an opportunity for every DJ to compose their own Homeworks and sell them via the website. All registered users are invited to vote for the HW they like, raising the most successful and popular mixes’ ratings.

BeDJ Homework Creation Page

BeDJ Homework Creating Page

Artists who have already supported BeDJ and published their sets and Homeworks on the website are: Elay Lazutkin, Albuquerque, Dmitry Molosh, Nosh & SJ, Kostya Outta and many other DJs.

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