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Dance Labels, Promoters, Artists Form Collective To Fundraise For Ukraine Relief Efforts

Underground4Ukraine is a group of promoters, labels, clubs, artists and more that will fundraise for Ukraine, either people on the ground in the country or those who have been displaced.
Ukrainian flag

Ukrainian flag

A new collective of underground electronic music venues, promoters, labels and artists have banded together to form Underground4Ukraine, which will raise money to help two charities dealing with Ukrainian relief efforts.

Anyone is welcome to join, either by organizing a fundraising party or by donating directly.

On the last day of each month, Underground4Ukraine will send 50% of the month's donations to Ukrainian Women's Fund and the other 50% to Urgent Action Fund. Both groups help people on the ground in Ukraine or folks who have been displaced by the Russian invasion.

“We’re here to fill the world with art not weapons,” says the website. “European clubs, venues, promoters, artists, labels are uniting the rave scene to raise funds for the people of Ukraine who deserve better.”

There are currently participants in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and elsewhere.

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In addition to this, the Ukrainian electronic music scene released an open letter in response to the invasion and asking other promoters, labels, artists etc to cut off Russia from the dance music world. They outlined four demands in the letter. That doesn’t mean those still living and fighting in Ukraine don’t face extreme danger and the specter of death at all hours. Read the full letter here.

1. Cancel all cooperation with Russian artists, promoters, clubs, organizations, who do not actively resist the actions of their government and do not explicitly take action to stop the Russian military invasion of Ukraine;

2. Demand that every citizen of The Russian Federation takes to the streets to protests against the war in Ukraine, or resists silently by boycotting his/her job, and sabotaging Russia in any other possible way;

3. Remove all representatives affiliated with the Russian state from the supervisory and advisory boards of your organizations;

4. Refuse any donations, funding or sponsorship from Russian organizations and their affiliates based in other countries.

It is worth noting that the Russian government has banned anti-war protests and thousands have already been detained. Those still living and fighting in Ukraine face extreme danger and possible death at all hours due to the Russian invasion. Read the full letter here.

See other fundraisers and resources here.

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