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EP Review: LLUCID - Getting In Touch

The rising Berlin-based rapper and producer shares his sophomore EP on Gröenland Records.


A collection of self-produced songs, Getting in Touch sees LLUCID’s best work to date both sonically and lyrically. Uniquely himself throughout, he finds a way in this 6-track project to display another side to this exciting and genre-bending artist. While hip-hop-leaning singles "Fooled" and "Habits" showcase his lyrical prowess in his signature higher-pitched rap delivery, "Levitate" and "Nostalgia" display LLUCID’s ability to craft infectious vocal hooks over spacey indie-RnB backdrops. 

This project leaves you only to question two things. Firstly, “Why haven't I heard of him before? and secondly “Is there anything he can’t do?" Artistically limitless, this EP sets the record straight. We are witnessing an all-round artist. One that produces intricately detailed instrumentals that tow the line between old school hip-hop samples and modern sound design while delivering vocal performances in either his signature rap vocal tone (reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar) or more pop-influenced singing style. And don’t forget the visuals. 

LLUCID sees the relationship between music and accompanying visuals as an important opportunity. The music video for "Feel Good," the stand-out single on the EP, sees him confidently being himself dressed in vibrant colors across various settings around his hometown in Berlin.

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Always keeping it nonchalant, LLUCID elaborates: “The process of coming of age and developing my musical fingerprint has been going hand in hand ever since and music has always helped me stepping out of my comfort zone, coping with bad emotions and such so this is what my music is about“.

Listen to Getting In Touch below and get your copy here.


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