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femme culture Releasing New HeForShe Compilation Featuring Elkka, Ela Minus, Bklava, QRTR & Others

HeForShe Vol. 4 will donate funds to U.N Women split between their Safe Spaces Now program and Ukraine relief efforts.
heForShe Vol. 4 Artwork

HeForShe Vol. 4 Cover Art

Record label and collective femme culture has teamed up with HeForShe for a new charity compilation. Titled HeForShe Vol. 4, the compilation will feature producers like Elkka (part of femme culture), Ela Minus, QRTR, Wayward, Jennifer Loveless, Bklava and others.

HeForShe Vol. 4 will donate funds to U.N Women and will be split equally between their Safe Spaces Now program, which looks to create safe public spaces for all women and girls, and their Ukrainian relief efforts - delivering on the ground for women and those at risk.

“It’s so good to be back working on the label again, I’ve had a lot going on the past 12 months and we didn’t get to release a compilation last year due to Covid and a million other things,” says Elkka in a statement. “I want to extend the biggest and warmest thank you publicly to every single one of our amazing artists this year, the talent levels are insane. So excited for everyone to listen.”

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HeForShe Vol. 4 will be released on April 15. Pre-order it now on Bandcamp and elsewhere.


1. Bklava - thought u had me
2. Ayesha - Rezo 03:53
3. Al Wootton - Rome
4. Bambounou - Solal
5. Elkka - Head Back
6. Wayward - Say1thing
7. Ela Minus - El Cielo No Es De Nadie (Nicola Cruza Remix)
8. moktar - PEAR 05:11
9. Talik - Unease
10. SUCHI - Glisten 05:33
11. Farsight - Tusi
12. Ell Murphy x LUXE - Deeper Love
13. Jennifer Loveless - a tool at twilight
14. Roy Mills - G-Star RAWR
15. Syz - Purify
16. Breaka - Who's This?
17. Alexis - ethereal skies
18. QRTR x Coffintexts - Minha
19. KAVARI - Reliant

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