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Gear Guide: The Latest Tech, Hemp & Clothing For Winter/Spring Indoor & Outdoor Fun

A review of winter/early spring gear featured at the 2022 CES and Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, as well as other select vendors.
Pax Era, Y-Brush, Tau, and AirGo™2 smartglasses

Pax Era, Y-Brush, Tau, and AirGo™2 smartglasses

As the world starts to open up post-Covid, here's some offerings from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show and the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, along with select other vendors that can help one enjoy late winter and early spring outdoor activities.

Personal Tech

Solos's smartglasses was named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards honoree for their AirGo™2 smartglasses and the SmartHinge™ Technology behind their AirGo™ modular smartglasses. These glasses allow wearers to personalize their audio experience thanks to theirWhisper™ Audio Technology that allows for crystal-clear calls and 360 surround-sound audio. A single charge will last for up to 11 hours of music and 8 hours of calls. In addition, users can download the Solos AirGo™ app to track and monitor their fitness in real-time. Also, users can mix and match frames and change the lenses from clear to sunglasses. Also, adjustable ear tips, temples, and nose pads can enable users to design a pair of smart glasses that can fit them to perfectly.

From Rolling Square comes Tau, a rechargeable minimalist portable charger that fits on a keychain and can charge every device (Apple, MicroUSB, USB-C). Also, check out their durable InCharge cables with six different charging configurations designed to charge one's electronics on the go.

Y-Brush is a rechargeable toothbrush designed to clean teeth in 10 seconds. Its portability allows it to be easily packed for travel. The nylon brush is designed to last for six months and can be easily replaced.

For those looking for an elevated cannabis high, the Pax Era was named by Time Magazine as one of the best in class at CES 2020. In 2021, Pax released the Era Life. It's very portable and easy to use when playing in the snow or having a post-puff after a day enjoying the outdoors.

Clothing for Colder Temperatures

Abbey wide leg pants, Silver Spun Goods socks, Astral Pigash, Heat Holders socks, Cozy Vibes

Abbey wide leg pants,  Silver Spun Goods socks, Astral Pigash, Heat Holders socks, Cozy Vibes

Heat Holders socks are available in three levels of warmth to keep one's feet warm in a variety of cold weather conditions. For those who like to travel light, their ultra light base layer tops and bottoms feature multi-directional stretch that retains their shape without excessive compression and a moisture wicking fabric to keep one dry. Also, flat non-chafing seams and a smooth softness allows outdoor sports enthusiasts to feel comfortable while performing a variety of outdoor activities. They also offer a range of hats, gloves, neck warmers, headbands, and earmuffs.

For relaxing in the evening, the Abby Wide Leg Pant from Anaono are smooth like silk and look dressy enough that one could wear them for a casual night out or just sit at home relaxing by the fire.

The Astral Pisgah is a a breathable, waterproof performance-casual boot that works well on both the trail and the urban concrete jungle. Wear these shoes all day without experiencing any foot pain. This is due to the boot's wide toe box and Balanced Geometry™, which allows for increased balance and stability, and toe/foot splay and stretching while the Level Footbed® offers post-exercise healing.

Keep feet cozy when the weather gets cold with Sanuk’s new Cozy Vibes collection. Choose from their slip-ons, backless slippers or a mid-bootie. All shoes are made with a fluffy wool blend and moisture wicking that keep feet cozy and dry in cold weather. A sustainable SugarMat sole enables one to wear these out for a night of casual fun. Pair them with a pair of anti-bacterial socks infused with silver from Silver Spun Goods for an even softer experience.

Personal Care While Exploring the Outdoors

Dermatone, GoGirl, Klean Freak

Dermatone, GoGirl, Klean Freak 

Klean Freak's line of scented antibacterial and alcohol-free body wipes help one stay clean and refreshed while working up a sweat exploring the outdoors. Choose from Coconut, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Citrus, Lavender and Scent-Free.

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From Dermatone comes a line of skin protection, lip balms, sunscreens, and mineral products designed with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. All of their formulas are Oxybenzone free so they're good for both one's skin and the environment.

Women can pack along GoGirl's Adventure kit, which is designed for women to relieve themselves with ease when in the wilderness. This kit comes with GoGirl™ device along with hand sanitizer for easy cleanup and a travel coolie to store the device afterwards.

Keep Food and Drinks Warm During the Winter

Hot Bento Box, Puffin Drinkwear's Outdoor Collection

Hot Bento Box, Puffin Drinkwear's Outdoor Collection

Have a warm meal in the snow with the Hot Bento Box. This product will fully charge in just 2-hours and can heat up a meal in 10-15 minutes. The box's food safe durable design allows it to be taken anywhere without fear of leakage.

Pair this with Puffin Drinkwear's Outdoor Collection, a whimsical line of jackets and sweaters designed to keep one's drinks cool and safe while also looking stylish and fabulous.

Rest and Recover with Hemp Derived Products

Identify dry powder bone broth, Identify CBD non-dairy creamer, Amor Perfecto coffee

Identify dry powder bone broth, Identify CBD non-dairy creamer, Amor Perfecto coffee

Identity's dry powder bone broths available in Chicken, Chanterelle Mushroom, and Ginger Ramen heat up quickly for a savory nutritional pick-me-up. Also, check out their powered CBD (10mg) non-dairy creamer in cacao, honey, vanilla, or coconut flavors. This creamer tastes especially delicious when added to Amor Perfecto's hand-crafted coffee that is grown, harvested, and roasted in Colombia and shipped direct-to-consumers within 6-8 weeks of harvest.

High Falls Hemp tinctures, Remedy+ line of CBD products, B-Great stress relief bundle, Dad and Mom Grass prerolls, Tribe Tokes D8 pain relief cream

High Falls Hemp tinctures, Remedy+ line of CBD products, B-Great stress relief bundle, Dad and Mom Grass prerolls, Tribe Tokes D8 pain relief cream

From B Great comes their Stress Relief Bundle that consists of 2-ounce travel friendly sizes of heir hemp balm and hemp oil tincture. This combo is designed to help hydrate, smooth aches, and calm problem areas after a winter workout.

Remedy+ has a line of products designed to help with pain management, clarity, focus, energy and sleep. Choose from their lineup of tinctures, shots, soft gels, topical rub, or bars.

For another healing option, peruse High Falls Hemp's CBD collections that include lip balm, advanced relief mobility lotion, tinctures, and gummies.

Those who like take a toke but without getting a THC high while engaging in winter outdoor activities might enjoy a Hemp CBD pre-roll from Dad Grass or their newer CBG pre-roll labeled Mom Grass.

Finally, those looking to explore the world of Delta-8 THC might what to check out TribeTokes's D8 Pain Relief Cream. Other Delta-8 options can be found here.

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