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Kyiv Club ∄ Launches Fundraiser For Creative Community In Ukraine

The fundraiser will raise money for transport out of Ukraine, housing, supporting cultural people in Ukraine and more.

They say that truth is the first casualty of war and that has been very apparent from before the first shot was fired in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of the next things that goes, gets destroyed or gets plundered is culture (ask any colonial army). Ukrainian creatives have had to adjust to a life constantly in danger, where some are off fighting, others have fled and some remained behind. Kyiv club ∄ has launched a community fund, which will support those working in creative industries who are devastated by the war and generally don’t have income.

According to a description of the fundraiser, the club say they “are doing everything in our power to help members of our community, artists and more than 150 employees of ∄, whose livelihood is in jeopardy: support them financially, help them find a safe place in Ukraine or abroad, help them cross the border, enable them to receive humanitarian, legal and psychological aid.” The team is all over Europe, where some stayed in Kyiv, some are now in other cities in Ukraine, some have escaped abroad.

The main points of the fundraiser are the following:

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1. Support cultural people in need in Kyiv and Ukraine;
2. Organizing transport within Ukraine and abroad (cars, trains, buses);
3. Organizing shelters;
4. Facilitating jobs in the EU;
5. Organizing housing;
6. Psychological help;
7. Financial support;
8. Structuring vitally important information

They are holding out hope that things will get better at some point. “We sincerely believe that there will soon be a time when we will be able to resume our work. In the meantime, we ask for your help to support our community and ensure that this future is possible.”

They also developed a Telegram bot “∄ Help” (​​@k41_help_bot) to help their community to reach them with requests regarding evacuation within Ukraine, evacuation abroad, financial support and shelter.

Get more information on the fundraiser here. As of writing nearly €17,000 has been raised.

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