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Los Angeles Staple Stellar Remnant Is Under Attack

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Today, beloved LA record store Stellar Remnant has announced via their Instagram that they were served an eviction notice from their landlords. Although it is still unknown as to what grounds the paper was served, it is believed that they were targeted because they are a Russian-immigrant-owned business. In their post, they mentioned that they are constantly receiving messages from people telling them to stop selling any music from Russian artists, regardless of their political views. 

Stellar Remnant says they will fight it, but they also don't feel safe working under these conditions. Since opening, the store has become an icon for some of the best electronic music on the west coast, hosting countless private sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry.

There is currently no funding page to help with legal fees, so for now, all that can be done is to spread awareness. Stay tuned for any developments.


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