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New LoFi Downtempo - Factory Planets Drops Utopian Dystopia EP

If you are a fan of Lofi, check out this new EP that blends genres with a subtle nod to the past and the future of the chillout genre.
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The duo of Factory Planets have a long history in the electronic music space, mostly in the house and tech house genres. As with most producers they felt the need to explore new genres and sounds, and the moniker was born. 

As fans of the classic chillout sounds of the 90s and early 00s, the duo felt there was something missing in today's downtempo sound so they set out to create something fresh. A blend of LoFi and old school chillout, the first Utopian Dystopia EP brings subtle and not so subtle notions to their sound. You will hear a nod to hip hop classics, a stark warning for the future of our species and the sounds of lost love and regret. 

This is melancholy music, covered in dust, with the crackles and the pops to pull you in just like an old piece of vinyl. 

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Available on all major DSPs and Beatport, check them out. 


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