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Plastikman Album 'Consumed' Reimagined By Richie Hawtin & Chilly Gonzales

Executive produced by Tiga, 'Consumed In Key' finds Richie Hawtin & Chilly Gonzales working on a re-imagination of Hawtin's 1998 album.
Chilly Gonzales & Richie Hawtin Consumed in Key

Chilly Gonzales & Richie Hawtin

Plastikman’s 1998 album Consumed is getting a new look with a project called Consumed in Key. Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) has teamed up with Chilly Gonzales to reinvent the album in a new way. There is a third party involved, Tiga, who helped connect Gonzales with Hawtin and serves as the executive producer on the project.

The story goes back to the 20-year anniversary of Consumed, which was released in 2018. Shortly after the 20-year anniversary re-issue was released, Gonzales heard the album and thought it would be interesting to work with. He started making some demos and sent them to Tiga.

As described in a press release, the new version “would be one composer instinctively reacting to - and finding space within – another composer's already completed work” and “not a remix.”

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Once Gonzales had the go-ahead to do a full rework of the album, Hawtin came in to mix the work.

Consumed in Key will be available digitally and as a deluxe triple vinyl LP on April 1st, 2022. The artwork is a reinterpretation of the original album’s, flipped to black and white and with the cutout size transposed to the dimensions of a piano key. The vinyl and packaging were made with recycled materials.

You can hear the first song from the LP “Contain (In Key)” now.

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