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Rent Out Someone's Private Pool With Swimply

Like an Airbnb for pools, you can rent out pools at people's homes by the hour.
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This could be you (not an actual pool from website)

Looking to hit a pool this summer and don’t have access to a public pool nearby or one at home? A company Swimply allows people to rent out their pools for use by the hour. The pools range from saltwater to chlorine and the rules can vary from one place to the next. Some allow kids, drinking and music and others do not.

The pools are available to rent by the hour in places across the United States and Canada. The hosts are supposed to leave you alone to enjoy time by the pool. Pools can be $30 or more, up to $100 for some luxury ones in LA today. Pricing will probably vary by demand and the season. It won’t be as private as having your own pool, but it is a middle ground. Swimply was founded in 2018 and has funding from VCs, the AirBnb and Lime co-founders and others.

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