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Alex Preston & Julia Church Share Upbeat Disco Gem 'Pink Rocket'

The New Single is an International Collaboration
Alex Preston - Pink Rocket

Alex Preston & Julia Church - Pink Rocket

Working between Alex's home in Australia and Julia's in London - 'Pink Rocket' represents a meeting of creative minds, bonding over a love for funk and nu-disco. A track with plenty of vibe, building towards the summer months - 'Pink Rocket' packs a lyrical message that aligns with the LGBTQIA+ community, speaking on the songwriting, Julia states:

The track builds from a solid groove, layering Preston's vintage funk guitar riffs and including layers of sax and improvisation throughout. Julia's vocal adds a glorious topline element, resulting in an all-round feel-good piece of disco. 

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“The first time I heard Julia’s original version of Pink Rocket I was hooked and had to work with her on it. The track came together pretty quickly as it just came flowing out. I wanted the track to be simple at the start, with just the guitar and vocal; and, then expand taking the listener on a journey as if they were boarding the Pink Rocket.

It’s such a beautiful song at the core and I think it’s going to be one of those records that means something special to so many people.” - Alex Preston

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