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7 Mental Health Habits of Top Performers

Improving mental strength is the key to a sustainable lifestyle in the electronic music industry
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Adopt these lifestyle habits to find happiness and mental strength and take your life to the next-level

Mental health in the electronic music industry has been a topic of major concern over the last few years. Ever since we lost Avicii back in 2018 artists and industry professionals have begun to open up about the behind-the-scenes struggles. 

Numerous documentaries and articles have been written addressing the crisis and there has been an encouraging increase in the discussion around mental health. Now that we have finally started to open up, we can start to talk about what to do about fixing this problem.

As someone who works directly with artists and industry professionals to help them overcome these struggles, I am on the front lines of this crisis. Some of my clients have headlined some of the biggest festivals and venues in the world and behind the scenes, they are struggling just like the rest of the world. 

As the CDC warns of a coming wave of mental health issues, calling it an upcoming mental health pandemic, it’s clear that artists aren’t the only ones suffering.

Introducing Radical Harmony

For many who struggle, it can be difficult to find help. So we are creating a new column here at Magnetic Mag called Radical Harmony. Over the coming months, we will explore healthy living through the lens of the electronic music scene in hopes to empower you the reader with the tools you need to help yourself. 

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We are taking Work-Life balance and remixing it for a lifestyle that includes late nights. 

It's a radical shift into a brighter future for all of us, living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the environment. Mental health will be a huge topic as it's one of the major threats to the sustainability of our scene. So we are kicking things off with some of the habits that help high-level performers sustain their success. Because success is a lifestyle that is built on healthy habits. 

7 Lifestyle Habits of Successful Artists and Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to wait until you have a breakdown or anxiety attack to focus on improving your mental health. Increasing mental strength can help you boost your creativity and focus, improve relationships and just enjoy life more. 

Many top performers in Music, Sports, and Business have habits and routines that they swear by to help them succeed. Incorporating just a few of these into your life can have a big impact on your life. 


Now It's Your Turn

I share these habits here with you in hopes that you will try out a few. If you want to get to the next level in your life, no matter what you do for a living, these habits can help you. Implement these into your life and let us know if you notice a shift.

This is just the beginning. Through our content, we will continue to inspire you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. By creating a radically harmonious life you will be able to improve your health, show up at a high level more consistently, and deepen your relationships. You will also be able to party without the negative side effects taking you down. 

If you want to get support to overcome mental negativity and anxiety, I offer one-on-one coaching here. I work with top performers and those looking to level up, if that sounds like you, book a free discovery call with me, and let's talk.

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