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Production Tutorial: How To Make House Music Like Nora En Pure

Learn how to make melodic house music in the style of Nora En Pure in these few easy steps.
Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure's signature style of house music production helped her define an emotive style that continues to thrive. 

Because if industry trends tell us anything about the genre that Nora En Pure has helped pioneer, it's that melodic house & techno, organic house, and melodic deep house are the new wave for aspiring producers to ride and there's no better time than now to start learning how it's done. 

And if you need any more proof, check this article out, which marks just how far her and Purified Records has grown in the past few years.

The sound we are after is best encapsulated in Nora En Pure's January release 'Sign of the Times.' The evocative pianos, chamber strings, and softer vocal lines all work in tandem to pull at your heartstrings and create a sonic world all in their own. 

 Now that we've added some context to what we will be diving into, let's get started on this emotive style with the tutorials below. 

Nora En Pure - Pianos

Nora's music pulls at our heartstrings because its bedrock harmonies have a lot of emotional weight to them and allow the track to take listeners on a journey. The groove, sound design, drum programming, and other productions tricks need to be on point, but your chord progressions are what will be doing most of the heavy lifting. 

This means it's always best for you to start with the chords before moving on to any of the fancy stuff.

Here's how it's done...

Nora En Pure Pianos - VST
Nora En Pure Pianos - Basic MIDI
Nora En Pure Pianos - Advanced MIDI
Nora En Pure Pianos - Humanization
Nora En Pure Pianos - Humanization Without Ableton

Nora En Pure - Percussions

Unlike most other genres of dance music, the percussions in the music that Nora makes act more as a delivery system for the melodies and aren't the primary driving force of the groove overall. This makes them easier to program but harder to get just right.

Because while the rythmns themselves usually are usually just comprised of the hats, claps, and kick (which we'll cover in it's own section later on), the texture and selection of those samples is paramount to achieving the softer and more sentimental vibe typically seen in Nora's music. 

Here's how I get it done...

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Nora En Pure - Kick Drums

The kick drum is the most important part of the dance music track, even for the softer genres like what Nora is doing (but you know that already didn't you?).

But all too often, I see producers choosing entirely the wrong samples for their tracks; and in doing so, they make the mix harder, the texture of the drums changes, and the entire vibe of the record is thrown off.

You're not looking for an EDM-style kick with a heavy and thwacking transient just as much as you don't want a booming 808 typical in more classic Chicago-house tracks. 

So let's dive into a few ways to choose a kick sample and process it in a way that perfectly fits the vibe of our melodic house track.

Untitled design (14)
Untitled design (15)
Nora En Pure Kick Drum ADSR
Nora En Pure Transient Shapers

Nora En Pure - Drum Mixing

Choosing the right samples is paramount to getting a good drum sound, but how you process these samples together through the drum bus is what's going to give your drums texture, life, and individuality. 

Remember that we are shooting for a softer, lush, and textured vibe with our drums here. So let's see what types of plugins will be most useful to achieve this end. 

Nora En Pure Drum Processing saturation
Nora En Pure Drum Processing: EQing
Nora En Pure Drums - Compression 1
Nora En Pure Drums - Digital Compression
Nora En Pure Drum Reverb

Nora En Pure - Basslines

This is where the drive and energy of our track really starts to take on a life of its own, but it can also be one of the most difficult parts of the song to nail down correctly.

So let's look at how it's done...

Nora En Pure Bass Synth
Nora En Pure - Writing the bass line
Nora En Pure - progressing the bass line
Nora En Pure - Automation

Nora En Pure - Melodies

Nora En Pure's real emotional pull, and arguably the primary reason why she is so popular, is on her heart-string pulling melodies and arpeggiators. They add texture, euphoria, energy, and movement to Nora's songs in one fell swoop.

So let's learn how you can recreate similar melodies using some of the chords we've already written as a jumping off point. 

Nora En Pure Lead Synth
Nora En Pure Melodies
Nora En Pure - Progressing the Lead

Nora En Pure - Final Touches

By now, we have created the backbone of a killer Nora En Pure style track. But this genre of music is so much more than just a cool melody and some textural drums. 

To really make a phenomenal record in the style of Nora En Pure, you need to focus on the details and find ways to add layers of ear candy to fill out the frequency spectrum so that the track feels detailed, lush, and full.

So let's dive into some of my favorite rapid-fire ways to fill out a melodic house track.

Nora En Pure - Strings
Nora En Pure Strings Continued
Nora En Pure Texture
Nora En Pure - Splice

Where To Go Next

Nora En Pure's style of production has been rising n popularity a ton over the past years, and we know of a few great teachers online that offer more killer tutorials on the topic if you are thirsty for more information. 

Here is the short list of the best melodic house tutorials we've found while writing this article. 

Untitled design (34)
Bound to divide

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