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Elden Ring Reddit threads can be your best friend or your worst enemy. And with more players hopping into a game that has recently been hailed as the best roleplaying game ever created, there are more voices joining the choir than ever before. 

But with so many players or numerous different skill levels chiming in, it creates an endless abyss of fluff, misinformation, irrelevant memes, and s**t posts when what you really are after are the best Elden Ring builds, Elden Ring lore, Elden Ring Theory crafting, and of course spoilers...

So we've done the heavy lifting for you, digging deep into the most recent and relevant Reddit threads on the game's hottest topics (yes, even tasty spoilers at the bottom).

1. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Builds

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Builds

Building out your character in Elden Ring shapes your play style and how you venture throughout the Lands Between. 

You can build out your character in Elden Ring however you want, but if you want to get down to the knitty gritty and build the most powerful characters possible than it's best to let the many minds of Reddit theorycraft the best options. 

@Fitwelshie's Eldin Ring Cheat Sheet is an invaluable resource for finding the optimal weapons for the build you're running. Not only is there a wealth of quick-access information in the cheatsheet itself, but the community has come out in full force to offer extra insights, perspectives, and how to best use various weapons on different boss encounters. 

@LHerbster's post dives deep into various options for optimizing the best build for PVE. Where most other posts across the community simply chime in with their latest hottest take, but @EchoTree0844 goes the extra mile to create and item-by-item breakdown, complete with stats and hyperlinks for additional data, of his optimized melee build. 

@Frostyphoenixyt comes in with probably the most relatable question on the site – hating your current build and wondering what you should respec to now that you've thrown in the towel on your sub-optimal build you tried to make yourself. The replies give bird eye views of the builds many veterans of the game have used across multiple playthroughs, so you know they must be doing something right. 

I think I am a bit biased simply because I am a MASSIVE fan of Lord of the Rings, but @Ishnuporah's Aragorn in Elden Ring post was just toooo funny to ignore. Check it out here.

2. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Elden Bling

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Elden Bling

All praise the drip! 

It would be hard to lead this section off with anything other than the monthly Elden Bling competition. This community does not hold back when coming up with the coolest and most unique looks for their characters. Not only are they constantly pushing the creative boundaries of the proverbial drip, they also tell you the items used within so that you can recreate similar looks for your toon. 

@TheFluxator's goblin post hits all the soft spots in my heart. I've always had a slight affinity for these green-skinned menaces, and by the looks of the replies throughout this thread I can safely say that I am not alone. Where there's one goblin, there's often hundreds. 

@Keep_on_keepin brings validation to the Elden Ring fashion community by sharing an article on the topic written by one of the leading magazines in an industry you would NOT expect. What follows is a series of excited exclamations and a discussion of what exactly constitutes 'the drip.'

3. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Bosses Ranked

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Bosses Ranked

With such a diverse and unforgiving world as Elden Ring, bosses often act as the capstone narrative piece to the larger arcs of the narrative. And with each boss having its own strengths, weaknesses, unique mechanics, and narrative purpose. 

Be careful, as many of the posts contain light spoilers in regards to the encounters.

@supperfighter breaks down and formats his comprehensive list of all the biggest bosses in the game, not on difficulty level but simply on the enjoyment of the encounter. Not only does he rank them in a numbered list, he also gives his hot takes on why the boss earned the rank that it does. What follows is a short debate of the list itself. 

@J-Coltrane's post that breaks down the numerous bosses in terms of difficulty gives you insight into what you can expect to face leading up to the significant encounters throughout the game. In the replies are numerous musing on how the difficulty pertains to the builds, gear sets, and players in question. 

This post goes to show just how diverse this game truly is and how each play through can be wildly different.

@Yeetmaster69xdxd's post, which contains spoilers, is a solid jumping off point, but @Sylvian77's reply is what made this post earn its spot in the list which sheds a bit more light on the topic touched up in the previous post I shared. 

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The Elden Ring experience really is different for every user and every play through. 

4. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Summons

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Summons

The allies we may call upon throughout Elden Ring, called Spirit Ashes, bring a new strategical dimension to the game. They aid in battle, add utility, and can simply just be a cute little companion. So let's find out what Reddit had to say about them. 

For a utilitarian perspective, check out @We-live_in-a-society's post which dives into min/maxing strategies to get the most high-value summons for your game and build. Need to stagger bosses? Find the answer here. Need a summons that just keeps coming back to the fight to be a constant meat (or bone) shield? Yep, that's also in this post. 

Ever wonder why the mimic is the most hyped-up summons after last month's patch? @virji24's post includes a short discussion on why mimic's have become so popular, despite their low damage output. Alongside this discussion are recommendations for about every build under the sun, so everyone has something to gain by giving this article a quick skim.

Most players love playing DPS builds, which means they need a hyper-tanky summons to help soak up hits from the game's most brutal adversaries. @TheChoosenOnex's post poses this exact question, and the amount of recommendations in here is sure to inspire many different options that all allow you to sit back and wail on the evils of the Lands Between. 

5. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Lore

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Lore

With a name like G.R.R. Martin in the world-building fold of Elden Ring, it's no wonder that the lore and storyline is what separates Elden Ring for the rest of the RPGs and even usurps previous timeless titles like Skyrim. 

Of course, these lore discussions always tend to be heavy on the theory crafting but the discussion and easter eggs the Reddit community finds and contributes adds new layers of lore and information to a game as dense as Elden Ring. 

Fantasy games thrive on a good dragon encounter, and much mystic surrounds the dragons of Elden Ring. @PwnEsq poses a good question to the community. Sure, the replies are a little light, but what is there really opens up the lore to show you just how massive the ideologies behind this game truly are.  

While not directly pertaining to Elden Ring, I know that most of you reading this deep into this post have also played many of the sister games of the company. @Test-Numerous drops a heated debate about which of the DarkSouls game's lore is the best. What follows is a comprehensive breakdown amongst one of the most impassioned communities I've ever dug through. 

A good story is nothing without its ending, and Elden Ring has more than one way to conclude its narrative. If you have time to dig DEEP into the discussion, check out @MadLuigi's deep dive into the lore behind the various endings in which the player can conclude Elden Ring. This post is not for the faint of heart, as the replies and discussion that follows is equally as in-depth. 

6. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Memes

Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Memes

In this day and age, memes are the lifeblood of popularity for whatever the millennial generation touches. Once the memes stop, you know that something is on its ways out. But judging by the following posts, Elden Ring hasn't even yet reached its peak. 

If you've been anywhere for the last three days on the Reddit threads, you've undoubtedly heard of the 'Let Me Solo Her' chap. Well, this thread is where it all started and catapulted this one player into the limelight in the matter of only a few days. Buried within the post are memes, jokes, jaw-dropping flexes, and so much more. 

Remember to take breaks from Elden Ring now and again to do other stuff like walking your dog!

Elden Ring Spoiler Alert!!!

I wanted to be a nice writer for let you know that beyond here be spoilers. With a game as in-depth as Elden Ring, there are so many hidden narrative points, hidden theories, secret quests, and plot twists that come out of nowhere.

I totally undertand if you want to remain in the dark about these until the opportune moment or when the game springs all its traps on you. 

But for those who want the goods.... I encourage you to keep scrolling past these final warnings

Spoiler Alert!!!
Spoiler Alert!!! (2)
Spoiler Alert!!! (3)

7. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Spoilers

Spoiler Alert!!! (4)

Alright, let's dive in. 

I can only imagine that once you finish the game there will be a ton of loose ends and unanswered questions that you simply want answered! Well this is the place for it. 

@DoseofDhillon's post is an open forum for community members to ask questions about loose ends that they simply did not understand when they were playing the game. Are you still puzzled about the Crumbling Farum Azula? That's covered here. Did you have a WTF moment while fighting Maliketh? Yep, this thread shares that too.

This section only has this link above, as it truly is the bible in regards to spoilers and post-game discussion. 

And to bring it all home, @Calvitius's discussion about the concept of spoilers and being more mindful of your online discussion of a game as dense as Elden Ring is certainly worth a read. It offers a few insightful recommendations as well as a new perspective on the power each person in the online community has over the shared experience of the game.


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