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Artists Who Sound Like: Monolink

If you're a fan of Monolink's lush guitars and distinctive, dance-friendly energy then you'll love these nine other artists.
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Monolink is the moniker of German singer-singwriter and electronic music producer; Steffan Linck.

Since debuting his first single, 'The End,' back in 2015 and his first album, Amniotic, in 2018, he has seen a steady rise in popularity to the position he holds now as a superstar. 

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Building his sound off of ambient guitars, driving techno beats, and a Teutonic-like voice, Monklink's signature sonic character has captured the hearts and ears of the world. 

So if you've just discovered Monolink and want a few recommendations for artists who sound similar, we got you! Let's dive into our top ten favorite artists for any fan of Monolink.

So let's dive into the list...

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While Monolink is a leading player in the electronic music world, he is a live act.

Much like other live acts such as Ben Bohmer or Bob Moses, who use live instrumentation alongside Ableton Live to perform their dance-friendly grooves.

There are exceptions to this rule of course, as Monolink performs club sets on occasion where he just plays on CDJs. But Monolink's brand is predominantly as a live performance act. 

Monolink's blend of acoustic instruments, driving beats, and vocal work toe the line between a number of popular genres which is likely the reason for his popularity. 

But he describes himself as an 'Ambient Techno Electronica.'

That certainly is a mouthful, but leads to some truly immaculate music that is ideal for listening to live or streaming.

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