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How It Was Made: Sleepy & Boo - Lucent [Where The Heart Is]

Brooklyn-based duo, Sleepy & Boo, explain how they made their latest single "Lucent' which is out today on Where The Heart Is Records

Sleepy & Boo have been a mainstay in Brooklyn's vibrant underground scene for over a decade, and for good reason.

Their deep, dreamy, hypnotic and pulsating energy that they bring, not only to their productions, but also to their DJ sets have captivated a global audience with their underground sound. 

What started with their production debut back in 2015 has quickly grown into an impressive body of work including chart-topping releases on many well-know labels.

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The latest release, 'Lucent,' dropped on May 6th on David Hohme's Where The Heart Is Records and is a driving, progressive heater that fits perfectly into darker nightclubs and summertime-day parties alike. 

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The husband-and-wife duo dive DEEP into the processes that brought this track to life, quickly turning into one of the lengthiest and most high-value How It Was Made features in Magnetic History. 

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How It Was Made - Sleepy and Boo 'Lucent'

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