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Review: Copacetic BK001 At Brooklyn Mirage With DJ Seinfeld & Black Loops

Bring back house parties
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New York nightlife is back booming ahead of the summer and last Friday saw a new party establish itself as the hot spot to be seen in Brooklyn. Copacetic kicked off a sold-out night at Avant Gardner in the intimate Kings Hall, with performances from lo-fi icons Black Loops playing direct and DJ Seinfeld headlining.

The venue was transformed into an intelligent yet playfully designed space that included expertly placed production (the room has never sounded nor been lit so well!). Many of the carefully considered Copacetic specifics included a round-shaped industrial-style DJ booth on the dance floor, which housed a giant cozy rug for the artists to enjoy, set with vintage TV monitors with waves that moved to the music as the booth backdrop. A giant industrial spotlight overhead which dulled as Seinfeld settled into his set further finished off the centerpiece, with open flow onto the raised stage behind the booth allowing dancing and a new perspective of the room. All photos by Jamie Rosenberg.

Jamie.Jar-2May 13, 2022

Surrounding this, the room's rear wall was graffitied with giant tick marks, an artistic reference to the event's name. Sofa seating backed onto a lo-fi projection style wall for party goers to chill out, whilst a stack of TVs and monitors sat nearby which filmed those walking by and had a special gadget to distort the view. 

Jamie.Jar-21May 13, 2022 (1)

These details elevated the experience giving more depth to the event alongside the dance floor. The roaming 35mm photographer was the perfect addition, delivering a fly-on-the-wall capture of the event in the brand's style and crowd in attendance. The bar housed specialty cocktail offers, including the Copacetic premium margarita - which again was a special touch that elevated typical nightclub event offerings.

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Jamie.Jar-57May 13, 2022

Musically, local scene talent Haruka kicked things off with a slick opening set prior to Black Loops delivering a punchy performance full of fresh grooves - all before Seinfeld settled into a rare marathon 3-hour extended set which he delivered especially for the Copacetic launch. His mixing of old and new plus his personality made for many magical moments throughout the night where this show truly felt like something special had been born. 

Jamie.Jar-13May 17, 2022
Jamie.Jar-295May 13, 2022

As the premier headline act, Seinfeld hosted a giant satisfactory smile all night long as he got stuck into his set, noting “It was so great. I really liked the booth being in the center of the floor. It made everything more engaging and interesting, rather than the traditional staring up/down dynamic. The New York crowd is always so entrusting and encouraging, so Copacetic feels like you’re playing a really big house party.”

Jamie.Jar-321May 13, 2022

JoJo Walker, Director of Creative Programming at Avant Gardner is the visionary behind the concept; “Copacetic is all about bringing a bunch of cool elements and ideas together to create a platform for this vibe of the music and attract a crowd who want something more from a party - but also doing it just right for them. I wanted the DJ and crowd to feel fully in it together, but also have the overall branding and experience deliver more creative texture than the usual club show, through lots of carefully delivered details.”

Copacetic is a clever, playful, and thoughtful party that has legs to grow and grow into much more than an event - but for now, this party is exactly what Brooklyn needs and we can’t wait to see what’s next and who’s playing.

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