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SOUNDBOKS Go [2022] - Portable Bluetooth System With Amazing Sound

SOUNDBOKS Go brings a consumer-model PA system to market that is highly customizable and simply sounds great.
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SOUNDBOKS may seem like a new face in the audio space to you but you're doing yourself a disservice if you're sleeping on this company. SOUNDBOKS' line of consumer products, ranging from performance-sized PA systems to mics, chords, and power packs, have quickly become the go-to sound systems for smaller events, corporations, and personal use. 

In this review, we check out the SOUNDBOKS Go portable Bluetooth system; a company and powerful PA system that has a whole lot to offer the consumer market.

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The SOUNDBOKS Go offers many features. It's incredibly durable, has a warm and powerful low-end, and offers a ton of in-app support. Let's dive into some of our favorite features before unpacking the details.

SOUND BOKS Pros + Cons

Features Of The SOUNDBOKS Go

Sitting at just under $700 price tag, there certainly are some more affordable options if you're looking for a portable bluetooth PA system. 

But that being said, there are a ton of powerful features in the SOUNDBOKS Go that warrant the price tag. So let's dive into the details of the SOUNDBOKS Go and see if it's worth it for you.

Sound Quality Of The SOUNDBOKS GO

Where companies like Bose often aim their products at the prosumer market, SOUNDBOKS's offers a louder, fuller listening experience with this model that elevates the everyday music experience.

To accomplish this, the SOUNDBOKS Go features two 72-watt continuous class D amplifier that easily achieve concert level volume.

Where many of it's competitors, like the aforementioned Bose, feature flat, clear responses across the frequecny spectrum, the added power and energy the SOUNDBOKS Go's bass response adds a beefier listening experience overall. 

This makes the SOUNDBOKS' the ideal option for your park hangout, a session at the skatepark, outdoor enthusiasts, and music aficionados alike. 

The highs of the SOUNDBOKS are clear and precise as well, offering enough air and presence to the track to get the music the fullness you would expect in common headphones in headphones and studio monitors.

The mids are not as crystal clear as I would have expected, likely because of the warmness and power of the bass, but not so clear as to hinder the overall listening experience. 

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Where this track truly shines is the low end. Considering the amount of clear, powerful bass that this system puts out, you would expect that the portable battery pack wouldn't be able to last but a few hours. We'll dive more into the battery pack in a minute, but for now let's just saw that the SOUNDBOKS Go's bass is its shining feature.

Note that SOUNDBOKS' built in Bass Enhancer technology allows for customizable sound profiles, and 10hrs of playtime at full volume which remedies many of the above issues by allowing you to tailor your profile to exactly the specs you want. 

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Overall, the sound quality from the SOUNDBOKS Go makes it a truly impressive PA system with excellent definition across the frequency spectrum. It offers a warm and pleasing low end with enough volume potential to maximize the listening experience regardless of the environment or venue you're using it in. 

Build Quality Of The SOUNDBOKS Go

The SOUNDBOKS Go has an incredibly durable build without weighing a hundred pounds. 

Weighing just under 20 pounds in its 18×12×10 frame, the SOUNDBOKS Go is highly portable and doesn't sacrifice it's durability in the process while also being a fraction of the weight of many of its competitors. Made from quality composite plastic with a reinforced unibody cabinet, the outer shell fells as durable as it looks.

As an added bonus, it is also splash-proof! 


Specifications On The SOUNDBOKS Go

The SOUNDBOKS Go offers a Merus Audio eximo® amp switching 2 × 72 Watt continuous - Class D amplifiers with a 1 × 10” woofer and a 1 × 1” silk dome tweeter which is responsible for the quality low-end the speaker puts out that we described before. The end result is an effective frequency range between 40Hz - 20kHz.

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Connecting to the SOUNDBOKS Go is made simple through a handful of features as well. Most notably and easily, connection is established through its Bluetooth 5.0 functionality. But on top of that; TeamUP connection (SKAA) and 1 × 3.5mm Stereo Input features are available as well along with the option to wirelessly link up to 5 SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) and Go speakers.

The 12.8V, 7.8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery allows for upwards of 40 hours of listening at mid-volume levels and its 99.84Wh or 7.8Ah capacity at 12.8V capacity only takes 3.5 hours to recharge under optimal conditions. 

The battery's constant safety-parameter monitoring, over and under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, temperature guard, and advanced cell voltage management make this one of the most user-friendly models on the market in regards to energy management and sustainability of charge.

Is The SOUNDBOKS Go Worth It?

The SOUNDBOKS name certainly comes with a price tag, but that doesn't mean that the price is completely unjustified. 

For a consumer-level, portable PA system, the SOUNDBOKS Go offers extreme quality and high functionality that makes it an easy recommendation for casual listening that is more elevated than most other models in this price range or quality tier. 

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The unit is highly customizable, offers warm and powerful sound, and can be taken anywhere. That alone makes it worthy of the $700 price tag it currently MSRPs for. If you are a bargain hunter and are only looking for a quick deal, there may be better options for you. But for those looking to invest in a quality stepping-stone PA system that can be taken to the park, on trips, to the water, and more than Magnetic Magazine cannot recommend this model highly enough. 

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