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Soundwide Offers A Community For Producers Unlike Any Other

Soundwide is the new umbrella where you will find production mega-brands like Native Instruments and Izotope all under one roof (and the result is far great than the sum of its parts)

If you are a music producer, brands like Native Instruments and iZotope are household names.

These brands have built their reputation on quality plugins and tools that have helped the producer community push the boundaries of the possible.

In a recent move, all of these powerhouse players in the production world will be moving under a single umbrella company; Soundwide. 

Join the Soundwide Community Here.

Soundwide's entire ethos is to bring the inspiration back into music production. Partnerships with such massive brands seek to empower creators to further push creators to reimagine the future of sound.

Soundwide accomplishes such a lofty mission by bringing on a team of top-level industry talent to be at the beck and call of its community. Artists like Alicia Keys, Ann Mincieli, EL-P, Jacob Collier, Ludwig Göransson, and Noah “40” Shebib have joined as advisors to the Soundwide community and offer high-value information to elevate your music. 


On top of this, Soundwide also offers extensive discounts and resources to its community members, which allows you to stay on the cutting edge of music production for years to come.

We had a chance to sit down the Soundwide's CEO, Mark Cattini, and dive deep into what makes the platform so revolutionary to the music community.  

Mark Cattini, - CEO of Soundwide

Mark Cattini, - CEO of Soundwide

What Is Soundwide?

Soundwide is the new name of the parent company that consists of a group of incredible brands within the music and audio production space - iZotope, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Sound Stacks. 

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In November of 2021, NI and iZotope announced that they were coming together and took the first step by unifying their leadership teams into one highly experienced team of leaders in music tech. 

This is the next step in that process - creating a unified company and continuing to expand the number of brands that sit under it.

Our mission is simple and we are laser-focused on delivering on it: to inspire and empower creators to express themselves and shape the future of sound. 

By bringing together these world-class brands under one roof, our goal is to provide all the necessary tools for creators to stay in the flow and focus on the joyful parts of making music. By combining our talented and passionate teams, products, and technology in one group, we plan to concentrate on making music and audio production as fun and relevant for all creators as possible

Soundwide Vs. Izotop, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Brainworkx, and Sound Stacks

As the parent company to the above-mentioned brands, Soundwide is currently predominantly an employer brand, and a home for the unified leadership team that sits across product brands. 

Brands such as iZotope and NI will still continue on as product brands, with increased collaboration and alignment as they develop and grow both from a business and technology perspective. 

As a customer and user of any of Soundwide’s brands, you should and will always benefit from a premium experience and the best value from any of our products. 

What Void In The Audio World Did You See Was Missing That Made You Excited To Start Soundwide?


Creators today have so many tools from many different providers that can often make it difficult to just focus on the creative process and stay in the flow. 

We saw that there was natural synergy across what the brands under Soundwide are already doing, and felt there was a chance to make things easier and more fun for creators by bringing these brands together. 

For example, think about having a central place to manage, install and update your products; or benefitting in the future from the combination of our impressive technological innovation to create new product ideas. 

How Is Soundwide Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts? 

By combining the product brands under Soundwide, we are able to provide a new creative ecosystem that offers audio and music makers everything they need to create.

 From finding inspiration with new sounds and instruments, to playing music on our integrated hardware 

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