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Learn how Com Truise makes synth-driven electronic music and draws on classic production techniques to craft futuristic beats.

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In 2011, the world’s first android astronaut launched into orbit. Or, at least, that was the concept behind Com Truise’s debut album Galactic Melt — a synth-fueled sonic exploration of a hero’s journey through space. 

Combining a nostalgic reverence for ‘80s drum machines and production techniques with a futuristic sensibility, Com Truise has been building intricate musical worlds that are hypermodern and yet emotionally familiar for over a decade.

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In this course, you’ll discover how Com Truise produces music that is both textural and driving, awash in retro drum sounds and thick clouds of synthesizers. You’ll follow along as he creates a brand new track from scratch, and opens up the sessions to some of his most popular songs, giving you a unique look at how he approaches synthesis, drum machine programming, production, gear, and more. 

Whether you’re an aspiring synthwave artist, a gearhead, or simply someone in need of inspiration and constraints for your next musical project, this in-depth course will help you add an otherworldly quality to your music.

More on Com Truise:

Com Truise - Producer, DJ, & Composer

An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise (aka producer and designer Seth Haley) is the maker of an experimental, bottom-heavy-style he calls “mid-fi synthwave slow-motion funk.” After years of making music under an array of pseudonyms (Sarin Sunday, SYSTM, Airliner) and as a DJ, Com Truise arrived on the scene with 2010's Cyanide Sisters EP, released for free on AMDISCS, and then re-released after he was picked up by famed electronic label Ghostly International.2011 saw the release of his first full-length Galactic Melt, the album that also introduced the world to the narrative of Com Truise — the astral adventures of an android astronaut traveling the cosmos to make contact with distant civilizations. This imagined story would continue through his EPs Wave 1 and Silicon Tare, culminating in his 2017 full-length Iteration. He's done countless remixes along the way, for artists as varied as Maroon 5 and Daft Punk. And he's toured constantly, both as a DJ and a performer with a grandiose visual component to his set. Now, more than a decade since his first release, Com Truise is still known for his synthwave-influenced immersive soundtracks — film scores for movies that only exist in his mind. Influenced by some combination of retro production techniques, his parents' record collections, and his love of technology and gear, his sound builds on a sense of nostalgia but always catapults it forward into the future.

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