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Where Elden Ring Takes Place: What You're Missing About The Lands Between

Elden Ring's world is massive, but where does it all take place? Here's what you need to know about where Elden Ring takes place and learn more about The Lands Between.
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The world of Elden Ring is a vast land full of hidden caves, massive castles, and unique landmarks that draw the player into an epic adventure that becomes more complex as they continue. The origin of this setting has inspired many more questions than answers but we will be taking a deep dive into the lore and development of Elden Ring to learn more about where it takes place.

Where Elden Ring Takes Place

Elden Ring takes place in a mysterious world known as The Lands Between. 

The Lands Between is an immense territory ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal. Far before the starting point of the game, The Land Between was watched over by The Greater Will, a being of great power responsible for the creation of the Elden Ring and the Golden Order of the Erdtree. 

"Queen Marika the Eternal was chosen as the champion of the Greater Will and also as the Elden Ring's Vessel. With the blessing of the Greater Will, she ruled the Lands Between as its eternal queen for eons, with her male part Radagon leading her armies and spreading the Golden Order.That was until the death of her firstborn Godwyn, at the hands of Ranni and her "accomplices", when out of grief she became dissatisfied with her benefactor and chose to betray the Greater Will by shattering the Elden Ring." - Elden Ring Wiki

Following the destruction of the Elden Ring, the constituent lands were separated into six vast territories each ruled by a demigod figure. 

Though the origins of this new land are not very clear from the start, much like FromSoftware’s other titles, the lore and story are communicated through veiled clues revealed through NPC conversations and the descriptions of various items found throughout. 

How Big Are The Lands Between?

How Big Is The Lands Between?

When comparing Elden Rings map to FromSoftware's other titles, it is easy to say that The Lands Between is seemingly endless. 

The world map is a key player in an extremely smooth transition into an open-world souls-like title. 

This new world features complicated, almost tangled designs where, as a player progresses, seemingly distinct map locations connect with one another through alternate pathways. 

Expanding from snow-covered mountain tops to dense mysterious forests all the way to lake beds and underground cave systems, the World Between is a puzzle even the most veteran gamers will have trouble solving.

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Are The Elden Ring And Dark Souls Universes The Same?

Since Elden Ring was announced, fans of FromSoftware have speculated that the game's main story will tie into the main plot of the company's other successful franchise Dark Souls. 

Following Elden Ring's major release, these opinions continued to gain traction due to intersecting references and similarities in gameplay and mechanics.  Although the connection between the games hasn't been fully confirmed, Miyazaki stated in a roundtable interview for E3 2015 that Dark Souls 3 will not be the “Final” game in the Souls series. 

This leaves Elden Rings's connection slightly up in the air as far as its connection to the original series. 

On the other side of the argument, the Elden Ring lore was also created with the help of George R. R. Martin, fantasy novelist, and author of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, which was adapted into the award-winning television show, Game of Thrones.

In an important interview following a major update on the status of Elden Ring, George R. R. Martin can be quoted stating that his efforts with writing for Elden Ring were intended to be a “Sequel to the Dark Souls series”. 

Though there was little to no follow-up on this statement, it is up for interpretation whether that was the truth or a misunderstanding of the original concept. In typical From Software fashion, the world may never know.

Does Elden Ring Take Place In Ohio?

Does Elden Ring Take Place In Ohio?

Upon Elden Ring’s public release, a handful of unknown users began to develop jokes relating the vast desolate landscape of the Worlds Between to another area in the real world that they found to be similar, the great state of Ohio in the United States. 

The unknown pranksters took it one step further by logging on as an editor for the Wikipedia article on Elden Ring and changing its official setting to the Buckeye State itself. 

Though this change was short-lived, it did not take long for users on Twitter and other social media platforms to take notice. The result is a multitude of memes and short videos comparing the two locations in exciting and creative ways. 

This new Soulslike has Reddit teeming with memes... 

Seeing the development of this meme only leaves me waiting to find out what the next treasured Elden Ring meme trend will be.

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