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Akai Announces Their New Keyword: The Powerful MPC KEY 61 Workstation

MPC Key 61 reveals collection of 25 world-class plugin instruments and a premium keyboard
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Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, announced today the launch of the highly anticipated MPC Key 61 standalone semi-weighted production synthesizer keyboard, including 25 unique plugin instruments with the most modern sound design textures and tonality for all genres of music, making it a powerfully versatile tool for the music creators of today.

MPC has been a mainstay of contemporary production for decades and has always defined chart-topping hip hop, pop, and all variations of electronic music. 

The standalone MPC platform has built on that rich history with innovative mixing and instrument plugins, an intuitive user interface, and a wealth of technology that embraces the modern music producer.

What's Inside Akai's New Workstation?

At the heart of MPC Key, 61 are the sounds, including 25 unique plugin instruments with the most modern sound design textures and tonality for all genres of music. From timeless acoustic to futuristic synth, the full sonic capability of MPC Key 61 runs the harmonic spectrum.

“Sound has always been the hallmark of MPC... Our punchy and warm sampling, unique swing and groove, and lock-tight sequencing have all been heard on countless major musical productions. We’re extremely excited to build on that heritage with a new industry benchmark. We’ve added a remarkable set of plugin instruments and production tools for the modern music creator. MPC Key 61 equips every music maker from any genre with a diverse palette of inspirational sounds and tools to craft chart-topping hits of today—and even develop the new signature sounds and styles of tomorrow.” - Dan Gill, Akai Professional Senior Product Manager


What Makes The Akai MPC KEY 61 Workstation Different? 

Akai's new synthesizer / keyboard combo offers a range of amazing features that set it apart from the rest. Let's dive into some of the more powerful things that make this keyboard a must-buy for you. 

Fabric XL is the flagship power synthesizer offering the most dynamic and powerful synth engines and sampled acoustic instruments for contemporary music production. Fabric XL’s wide selection of presets is powered by a revolutionary multi-sample-based synthesis engine for cutting-edge performance and sound.

OPx4, a powerful 4-operator FM Synthesizer engine, provides the classic sound of FM at the musician’s fingertips. Built around an elegant interface, the user can dive into a whole new world of sound design, effects, and parameters to truly make it their own.

Stage Piano, Session Strings, Stage EP, and Organ offer world-class sounds of acoustic and electromechanical instrument plugins. Stage Piano includes a Steinway® grand and Bechstein® upright for a complete lineup of rich piano tones. Session Strings is an elaborate group of orchestral instruments destined to be a secret weapon in the composer’s toolbox.

From delicate solo violins to formidable ensembles of bowed instrumentation, Session Strings delivers everything needed to create stringed layers of depth and dimension. Stage EP’s tone is meticulously true to all the classic keyboards such as Rhodes, FM Electric Piano, Wurlitzer® and more, while the Organ plugin screams through its Leslie speaker simulation with the very soul and spirit of the mighty B3.

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Is the Akai MPC KEY 61 Workstation Right For You?

MPC Key 61 is the first MPC to introduce a 61 semi-weighted keybed with velocity and aftertouch, making the new plugin instruments come to life. With 2 onboard high-end mic preamps and AD/DA converters along with phantom power, MPC Key 61 delivers the full MPC sampling experience while also introducing new ways to morph, shape and define signature sounds with the assignable Touch Strip controller and Q-LINK knobs. 

From customizing personalized sounds to composing and fully recording harmonic and melodic ideas, to delivering final productions—MPC Key 61 is the most complete music production tool in the industry for modern music creators at any skill level.

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16 velocity-sensitive RGB drum pads with aftertouch offer the world-renowned MPC beat-making and rhythmic experience that is second to none. With an onboard Transport, lay down rhythms and sequences with an effortless workflow. Go from intuitively browsing the thousands of sound presets on the beautiful 7-inch multi-gesture color display, to quickly sequencing ideas and finalizing them with premium effects from award-winning AIR Music Tech

Assign and control all effect parameters with the (4) 360 rotary Q-LINK knobs, perfect for writing real-time automation.

With a wide selection of I/O, MPC Key 61 integrates seamlessly into any studio environment. Use the Class Compliant USB ports to connect devices such as MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, or removable storage. (8) 3.5mm CV/Gate outputs provide plenty of room to plug into your modular and synth gear and dedicated Pitch Bend/Mod Wheels add expanded control, depth, and texture. 

The onboard TRS ¼" audio outputs can be configured as dual-stereo or four-mono signal paths while the two XLR/¼” combination inputs enable sampling and recording from Mic, Instrument, or Line-level sources via the ultra-clean preamps and premium AD/DA converters. 

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Key Features Of The Akai MPC KEY 61 Workstation

Let's break down the key features and functions of the Akai MPC KEY 61 Workstation so that you can make a better determination on whether this keyboard hybrid is right for you. 

  • • 25 cutting-edge instrument plugins
  • • Expressive 61-key semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch
  • • Powerful 4gb RAM / Quad Core Arm Processor – no need for a computer
  • • 16 RGB velocity-sensitive MPC Drum Pads with aftertouch and Note Repeat
  • • Assignable Touch Strip controller
  • • 2 Mic/Line/Instrument inputs with high-end mic preamps
  • • Onboard Audio Interface with premium AD/DA converters
  • • Vibrant 7” color Touch Screen with Multi-touch & Gestures
  • • Powerful 128 track MIDI sequencer
  • • Onboard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • • 4 assignable Q-LINK Controller Knobs
  • • Pitch Bend/Modulation wheels
  • • Dedicated Transport section
  • • Accepts Class Compliant audio interfaces and MIDI devices
  • • 4 discrete Line outputs
  • • 8 audio tracks
  • • 8 CV/Gate output jacks for modular integration
  • • MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for Mac/PC included

Where Can I Buy The New Akai Workstation?

MPC Key 61 will be available globally on Thursday June 23, 2022. MPC Key 61 users will also receive a free update to the MPC 2.11 desktop software. 

To learn more about MPC Key 61, click here.


USA MAP: $1899

MSRP €1,999.99 / £1,699.99 

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