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Artists Asking Artists: Godlands & Tisoki

The two producers put each other in the hot seat
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Recently, Australian scene-shaper Godlands continued her hot streak on Monstercat, teaming up with UK bass tastemaker Tisoki for their new single, “TELL ME.” Arriving as the second record off her forthcoming EP set for June, the explosive tune is a synergistic blend of the two producers’ pioneering styles. Rife with aggressive kicks and screeching synths, the pair flex their bass house sensibilities in perfect form, leaving listeners hoping this won’t be their last collab.

We invited the two for a fun and insightful chat about the record, being a music producer, and what kinds of plants they would be. 


Godlands: What do you wish people knew about being a producer?

Tisoki: That it’s pretty mentally demanding. It’s just “sitting at a laptop” from most people’s perspective but the amount of mental gymnastics and willpower that goes into it is one of the toughest parts in my opinion.

Godlands: Do you ever worry about the ever-changing scene and adhere to what is popular? Do you feel the need to fit in with what’s popular at the time or keep producing what you’re known for?

Tisoki: I can’t say it’s something I worry about, to be honest. The beauty of music scenes is that they happen organically without much input from those involved. I always found if you pushed too hard for a collective or something to happen, it becomes stagnant over time because it just isn’t natural.

Godlands: is there a genre you think you’d be interested in doing but feel like it’s too far from the Tisoki project?

Tisoki: I’d love to try some techno shit but that whole world is so far removed from everything I know, haha.

Godlands: What’s the most painful tattoo you’ve got?

Tisoki: The cigarette on the side of my hand… I don’t know why but it was worse than any pain I’ve ever felt!

Godlands: Would you rather have the ability to change the past or see into the future?

Tisoki: See into the future for sure because if the past has already happened, what use is changing it? But then I guess you could change the past to dictate the future in which you’d technically be seeing into the future anyway?

Godlands: What would you sing at a karaoke night?

Tisoki: “Red Flag” by Billy Talent for sureeeeeeeee

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Godlands 3

Tisoki: How have the lockdowns and venue restrictions in Australia changed your style of production if at all?

Godlands: Honestly, the one good thing about the lockdowns was my ability to really hone in on my production. It gave me enough time to actually work on it solidly which has in turn immensely helped my production quality. I think my sound is always changing but I do stick to my trap roots, I can't let that baby go.

Tisoki: Who are three relatively unknown/new producers you look up to and what part of their productions do you admire?


1. CORTR - He’s one of the many new producers bringing back trap. I love his synths, especially supersaws and the leads in his song “Bleeding”.

2 - BROKN - I just love his overall style, nice dark, and grimey. My type of music.

3 - Knock2 - I don’t think he’s relatively unknown much more but he’s a huge inspo to me. His flows are unmatched.

Tisoki: What’s your fave spot in Adelaide to get food?

Godlands: 99 Gang for burgers for sure. When you’re down again I’ll take you there. Plus my best mates own it so we are gonna be looked after nicely, haha.

Tisoki: What’s been the most defining moment of your entire career thus far?

Godlands: It’s so hard to pinpoint because I’ve had many crazy moments. I think being able to go on a proper tour bus tour with Steve Aoki is pretty nuts. I’ve never experienced anything like that and honestly didn't think it was even possible for a DJ to do it. I don’t know why. I think I just assumed everyone just flew everywhere?

Tisoki: What message did you want to portray with your new EP?

Godlands: I don’t particularly have a message or a deep meaning to anything really. I just want people to listen and be like “damn she’s so good” or “damn that song’s sick what is it?” *shazams* and my picture pops up and then they add it to their playlists for kick-ons.

Tisoki: If you could be any plant what would you be and why?

Godlands: A Coca plant. Google it. Hehe. 

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