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Artists Who Sound Like: Glass Animals

Burnt out on Glass Animal's "Heat Waves" and looking for some fresh new music? We got you! Here are 10 artists who sound like Glass Animals.
Glass Animals

Synthy soundscapes. Catchy melodies. Funky percussion. Gorgeous bass drops. And a whole lot of Dave Bayley’s breathy vocals. Glass Animals’ sonic cocktail is addicting. Its uniqueness is wonderful… until you’re trying to find more artists like them.

Although nominated for Best New Artist at the 2022 Grammy Awards, Glass Animals is a four-piece British band who put out their first album, Zaba, in 2014. Their 2020 album Dreamland launched Glass Animals into stardom through its Billboard Top 100 record-breaking hit: “Heat Waves.”

Perhaps no artist can perfectly replicate Glass Animals’ dynamic blend of psychedelic pop, indie, electronic, and rock. Perhaps they can. Either way, these ten will whet your appetite while you wait for their next album.

10 Artists Like Glass Animals

Portugal.-The-Man-Press Shot
Joywave Press Shot
Broken bells press shot
Sir Sly
Half Alive
Still Woozy
The 1-800

What Is Glass Animals' Biggest Hit?

Glass Animals' biggest hit is "Heat Waves," and with a whopping 1.6 billion streams on Spotify, it's a pretty massive hit as far as hits go. "Heat waves" broke records with its unprecedentedly gradual Billboard Hot 100 ascent.

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Why Are They Called Glass Animals?

FUN FACT – Glass Animals wasn't the quartet's first title! 

Prototype choices included Afro Pony and Alligator Puffin Chicken Go Yeh Woo. Eventually, though, they settled on the name we know and love. It seems that the word choice was arbitrary.

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Are Glass Animals Good?

Glass Animals is "good" and more. 

Original yet instantly-lovable, evolving yet ever-identifiable, talented yet humble and grateful, Glass Animals is a pioneer within today's music industry. 

Because their sound fuses psychedelic, R&B, pop, electronic, rock, alternative, dance, and more, their music pushes forward each of their multiple genres simultaneously and challenges up-and-coming creators to be just as sonically innovative.

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