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Artists Who Sound Like: Maceo Plex

If you're a fan of Maceo Plex and the driving force his sound has made in the techno scene, you'll LOVE these 11 other artists.
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Over the past decade, Maceo Plex has become a dominating force in the world of underground dance music. His production boast a unique sound that carves out a niche in the genre that is all his own, and has catapulted him to a level few can reach. 

While few producer/DJs can match Maceo Plex's skills, both in the studio and on the decks, there are a handful of artists who we know you'll love as much as him. 

Bridging the gap between deep house, techno, progressive house, and beyond, Maceo Plex's sets and sound continue to breath fresh air into the most popular genres of underground dance music. 

So let's dive into our list of 11 artists who sound like Maceo Plex... 

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11 Artists Similar To Maceo Plex

Art Department Press Shot
Adana Twins
Mano Le tough
Jamie Jones
Minds Against
Agents of Time
Lee Foss
Fur Coat
Rodriquez Jr.

What Genre Is Maceo Plex?

Maceo Plex's underground sound, filled with driving beats and repetitious and avante-garde sound design fits him perfectly into the genre of techno.

While his discography certainly is certainly broad enough to touch upon other ancillary genres such as electronica or deep house, his name and brand is best associated with techno. 

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Where Is Maceo Plex From?

Maceo Plex currently splits his time of residence between Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. 

He was born in Flower Mound, Texas.

So while he plays genres popularized throughout Europe over the past three decades Maceo Plex has been pioneering the American techno scene since the early 90's.

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