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Artists Who Sound Like: Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator is one of the most creatively influential voices in not just rap, but music today. Here are 10 artists just like him who will be sure to make your "earfquake"!
Luis Panch Perez 

Luis Panch Perez 

Tyler, the Creator has been rolling through the music scene since early 2000s and hasn't slowed down since. He's had two albums, Igor and Call Me if You Get Lost come out at No. 1 on Billboard's album chart. 

With each new album, Tyler, the Creator has found a way to reinvent his sound and aesthetic, constantly keeping fans on their toes. No matter if it's released as a single, or released with the rest of his album, each song has a way of making listeners keep coming back for more. 

Although he is without a doubt a truly a one of a kind artist, these 10 definitely live up to the bar he's set.  

10 Artists Similar to Tyler, the Creator 

Was Tyler, The Creator in Odd Future?


Tyler, the Creator was apart of the original group that made up Odd Future. The group started in Los Angeles County, California in 2007.  

Odd Future made tidal waves in music for their uncomfortable and loud sound and lyrics. The group has been known to make music that frighten parents and entices young audiences.   

Unfortunately, Tyler the Creator announced in 2020 that it was unlikely that the group would be releasing any new music.   

Where did Tyler, The Creator Get His Name? 

When he was 13, Tyler, the Creator had a Myspace page where he used the name Tyler, the Creator to show his drawings, photographs, and beats and just stuck with the name. 

Fans had speculated that he was going to ditch the stage name and start going by his real name, Tyler Okonma which he quickly shut down. While he has said that he would embrace his real name more he would never ditch Tyler, the Creator. 

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