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Five Tips To Get You Started In Rogue Legacy 2

Everything you need to know for your first couple of hours in Rogue Legacy 2; a stylish, comical, & challenging Rogue-lite adventure.
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Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to 2013's Rogue Legacy, which was a must-play back in the day for anyone who enjoyed Rogue-lites. 

The sequel keeps the charm, challenging but fluid & responsive combat, and procedurally generated levels of the first game, but upgrades the visuals, increases the variety of classes available, and deeper lore to uncover.  

Don't Be Afraid To Die. 

Every death in Rogue Legacy 2 is a chance to grow more powerful for your next run. The rogue-lite nature of Rogue Legacy 2 means that in between each run you can build up your manor (unlock new classes, increase your equipment load, or unlock new vendors such as the blacksmith) or purchase new gear from vendors. This means that each time you die you get to spend your hard-earned gold on turning your next heir into a more lethal explorer. 

Bonus tip!: Spend as much gold as you can before starting your next run. Charon the Ferryman will take all of your leftover gold before you set sail on your next run. 


Upgrade Your Manor

The manor is the key to unlocking new playable classes and vendors, upgrading your health & mana pools, increasing your damage dealt both with physical weapons and magic, and much much more. The main tip I can give for upgrading your manor is to upgrade the outside nodes early if you have the spare gold. Even upgrades that don't seem like they would benefit you such as "Training Dummy" might open up a whole new wing of the manor that houses upgrades that you find worthwhile aplenty. 

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Bonus!: It is just plain cool to see your manor expand on the hill behind you as you make your way to the ferry each run. Gives another level of progress to a game that already is so rewarding with each run. 


Complete The "Heirloom" Quests ASAP.

As you progress through each of the game's procedurally generated levels, you will occasionally come across Heirloom Chambers with a large statue in it. 

Interact with the statue and accepts its quest to be teleported to a challenge room that, if completed, unlocks that upgrade permanently. 

These powers take inspiration from Metroidvania games and allow each heir to reach previously inaccessible areas of the map. 

Unlock The "Architect"

Purchase the "Screw Distillery" node early on before you fight the first boss of the game. This unlocks the "Architect" which allows you to "lock" the world on your next run, in exchange for 20% of all the gold you find. This proved invaluable to me as I finally took down the first boss. 

Rogue Legacy 2 is challenging, and being able to know exactly where the boss is and keep your linked teleporters active, allowed me to reach the boss chamber with way more health than I usually do. 


Experiment With The "House Rules".

If you are struggling with the difficulty of Rogue Legacy 2, the devs have got you covered. Inside the "House Rules" there are options to make the game more or less difficult. There are modifiers such as "Enemy Health", "Disable Enemy Contact Damage", and "Disable Traits", among others. Each of these give a recommendation from the developer for a more relaxed experience and a more challenging experience, but you can change them however you see fit. 

Obviously the game was developed with a certain challenge, and RPG systems to allow you to continually improve, but if you are struggling, this is a nice feature to experiment with. 


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