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The Mayan Warrior Brings Their Full Art Car Back To New York City

The Mayan Warrior art car heads away from the Burning Man playa for an immersive event and we caught photos of their latest stop leading up to their event in NYC that you can use however you want ( long as you credit the photographer by linking directly back to this article).
Mayan Warrior New York City Free Image

Mayan Warrior, the powerful art car on the Burning Man playa, has taken to the road to offer a new exciting experience of their live show. Now, Mayan Warrior has teamed up with promoter collective Stranger Than, who produced Mayan Warrior’s first West Coast show off the Playa to bring the art car across the US for its tenth anniversary.

These shows are producer by the company Stranger; Than, who consistently provides immersive experiences no matter where their events are held. 

Other shows on their docket include Los Angeles, Austin (pictured below), and others, but in the wake leading up to their next show in NYC this weekend, we brought on the photographic talents of Tyler Allix and Nicholas Khess to see what the Art Car's been pu to before their debut in the Big Apple - thousands of miles away from Black Rock Desert.

Mayan Warrior’s return to NYC sees two nights of events being held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, part of a series of art-driven shows the Navy Yard is working to bring to the area. 

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One of the nights is already sold out, so grab event tickets here while you can!

Mayan Warrior Art Car Photos Taken By Tyler Allix

Mayan Warrior Art Car Photos Taken By Nicholas Khess

About This Event

Mayan Warrior is the collaborative project of Mexican artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, and other creatives who draw its immersive inspiration from Mayan and Huichol art and paired with cutting edge technology.

Mayan Warrior has long focused on upcoming talent out of Mexico along with a platform to showcase some of the biggest names in the underground electronic dance music world.

The memorable, Burning Man staple as teamed up with the promoter Stranger; Than to bring their iconic art car to New York for one night only. The art car is constructed & deconstructed between every gig and comes complete with colorful lasers that total 330 watts, a DJ booth and loudspeakers with a consistent sound pressure of 143dB.

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