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MELT Festival 202 was one of Europe's Best Kept & Most Hedonistic Weekends
MELT Festival 2022

MELT Festival 2022

The last few months across Europe have been laced with confusion, trepidation and uncertainty on what the summer of 2022 might look like. 

Governments and healthcare experts had explained that the summer will bring greater freedom but, we've all heard that one before. Many times, over the past few years. 

Many festivals are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, impacting on logistics and infrastructure that makes live planning a never-ending nightmare. 

If you have any doubts about how fun this festival can be, check out the recap video from 2019! 

In Germany, full restrictions were only cleared on April 1st of this year, meaning the MELT team only had a couple of months to promote and finalise their idyllic, behemoth of a festival. With all that in mind, it's an exceptional return for one of the Countries best loved events, boasting Little Simz, Aitch, Joy Orbison, Tom Misch, Greentea Peng, Headie One, Daniel avery and plenty more on their lineup. 


The first thing I observed, is that in Germany the locals party to a very different clock. Some of the bigger acts on festivals at home (UK) would usually start around 3pm, but in Germany it's more like 7-8pm. 

This means that the crowd are still going strong past 6am the next day, which can get pretty exhausting! Luckily, the entire festival site is on the banks of a beautiful lake & man-made where people are swimming all day or watching the sun come up.

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Arlo Parks Melt Festival 2022

Arlo Parks @ MELT Festival 2022

On to the music, some of the best acts kicked off the weekend with, Arlo Parks, Little Simz & Tom Misch providing the main entertainment for the first night. 

Finishing around 11pm, we then wandered through the various forest stages catching Daniel Avery & Marcell Dettman at full force. As the weekend went on and I acclimatised myself to the weather (glorious 30 degree heat every day) and the late nights

Shygirl @ MELT 2022

Shygirl @ MELT 2022

Friday night provided highlights from Headie One, Fred Again & Shygirl, before heading to the beach stages to catch DJ Fuckoff playing some intense techno as the sun came up. On my final day, there was a need for some rest, so first stop was a swim in the lake listening to the smooth jazz of Kamaal Williams, before catching the incredible new live show from Leon Vynehall. 

After an afternoon sleep, and plenty of coffee - The place to be throughout the festival was the Roller Disco stage which was, absolutely wild. 

Local DJ's performed all night, playing techno edits of 90's anthems from Mariah Carey, Darude, Britney Spears - Truly bonkers, but ridiculously good fun. 

Forest Stage @ MELT 2022

Forest Stage @ MELT 2022

As a Londoner, we tend to be spoilt for choice with festivals but I genuinely think it's well worth making a trip to a festival abroad. Granted, you could have seen any of the artists performing at Parklife, Field Day, Lost Village or any other UK event - But there's a real experience to be had going to a different country and experiencing how different cultures enjoy music. 

With a mostly Berlin crowd, MELT takes it's partying very seriously and they are world class when it comes to late night raving. It's a hedonistic experience tinged with beautiful moments on a stunning location. 

Find out more about next years festival here

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