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Point Blank Tutorial: GarageBand on iPad – How to Make Your First Beat

For this video, Point Blank enlisted their composition and mixing lecturer, John Davies, for a beat-making tutorial using GarageBand on iPad.
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Despite what people say about which DAWs are better than others, it may surprise you to know that GarageBand is a powerful tool. 

It can do a lot of what Logic can but in a more streamlined interface, which can be hugely helpful for the fledgling producer. 

For example, Logic Pro’s baby brother can even open Logic files – and they sound identical. If you’d like to learn more about how powerful DAWs such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro work, Point Blank’s degree courses in London and Online are very popular.

During the video, John loads up GarageBand on his iPad and starts programming a beat. On to the bass, he demonstrates just how easy it is to add instruments to your arrangement, the different methods of making sounds and how you can easily record and edit patterns.

Here's What You'll Learn In Point Blank's 'How to Make Your First Beat' Tutorial

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While this video is only ten minutes long, Point Blank packs a TON of actionable knowledge into it. But if you're on a time crunch, here are the best moments in the video that you can skip right to.

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Using Garage Band's AI Effectively (0:51)

The moment you start loading in sounds and samples, Garage Band will start making decisions about what it thinks you want to do next. 

Some things you want to keep control over, but Point Blank Breaks down when you should let Garage Band do the heavy lifting for you. 

How To Remove The Guess Work In Composing (3:05)

When you're just getting into music production, music theory can be intimidating. So much so, in fact, that many producers give up before they ever give it a solid try.

But Point Blank doesn't want that for you! And this quick tip gets you writing music that 'makes sense' fast. 

Accessing A World Of Fresh Samples  (4:18)

Stock samples often sound stale and boring, and Garage Pad on your iPad is no exception.

But Point Blank gives a few quick tips on how to access unique sounds, samples and percussions to breathe life and energy into your next track. 

Doing It Live!  (7:20)

Recognize when to program in sequences and when to simply hit record and play (or strum) your instruments live, directly from your iPad. 

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