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Artists Who Sound Like: Yotto

Addicted to Yotto's beats and looking for more? You've come to the right place. Read on for artists who sound like Yotto.

Songwriter, DJ, and producer Otto Yliperttula is a Finnish musical professional but he's more commonly known by his stage name: Yotto.

Fans know and love Yotto for his deep house, dance, and electronic beats. And with almost a million monthly Spotify listeners, Yotto is clearly a fan favorite.

Take a peek at Magnetic's chat with Yotto to learn more about this dance music maestro.

Looking for artists that match Yotto's vibe? You're in the right place. Read on for our nine favorite Yotto-like artists.

9 Artists Who Sound Like Yotto

Is Yotto still with Anjunadeep?

Yes, Yotto is still with Anjunadeep.

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Yotto joined Anjunadeep in 2015. His first release was "Memento" / "Azzurro."

What kind of music is Anjunadeep?

Independent record label Anjunadeep focuses on dance and electronic music.

It's a known and respected label within the dance music world.

Besides Yotto, other artists who have stepped into the spotlight via Anjunadeep include Lane 8, Dusky, and Cubicolor. Other notable artists such as Way Out West and Moon Boots have also released their music through Anjunadeep.

Who Founded Anjunadeep?

James Grant is the founder of Anjunadeep. 

James Grant is also a producer and tastemaker and mixes Anjunadeep's annual compilation. Check out our review of Anjunadeep 04.

Yotto's most listened-to song is "I / Y' which has been streamed over twelve million times on Spotify. That's no stat to sneeze at!

Other popular tracks of Yotto's include the more intense beat "Out Of Reach" and the pulsing "I Want You (feat. braev)."

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